22 November 2012

Rain without an umbrella-Outfit!

Top - H&M, Necklace - EBay, Skirt - Miss Guided, Shoes - Primark, Jacket - Vintage Shop, Earring's* - Pretty Edgy , Hat - H&M (Similar Here!)
As you can see from the 3rd photo it was raining when I took these, I'm probably a little bit crazy for taking these outfit photo's in the heavy rain & wind with the reward of a horrible cold. A little bit of brightening you wouldn't even tell it was a horrible rainy November day. 
I do love my camo Jacket though, even if Primark have now brought them out with everyone & their mother wearing one. I picked it up when I went to London for my Birthday last month in my favourite Vintage Shop. 
Really loving my stud earring's from Pretty Edgy too, I've actually been looking for the perfect stud earring's like this for ages and these are so lovely.

I've actually had a good week so far and let's hope my luck stay's!
I'm starting my new job next week which I'm really excited for, eee. I met with my old best friend the other day which was actually so lovely and strange, it's been 2 year's so it was super lovely. I drove us home which felt so weird and the funniest time attempting to put petrol in the car (long story) I'm starting to really feel ~grown up~ which in a way is scary, it only feel's like we were 15 at school doing art coursework, oh life.

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  1. The horrible weather kind of gives the photos a nice look! Love the jacket! xx

  2. So pretty! Love the jacket and the skirt.

    Love your blog too! Folowing now!

  3. Ahh braving the weather for outfit posts, thats dedication!
    Love your outfit xx


  4. Love this outfit especially the skirt


  5. Love this outfit especially the skirt



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