15 November 2012

Winter Trend favourites #2 - Christmas Jumper's

(L-R) here, here, here

Whether you love them or hate them, I think everyone secretly love's a good cheesy christmas jumper.  
I had to include these as part of my 'Winter trend favourite' series, how could I not? A christmas wouldn't be complete. 
They usually cost alot more in vintage shop's the closer it is to Christmas, but EBay has some really good nice one's for reasonable prices. 

Are you a fan of Christmas jumper's? Will you be wearing your own Christmas morning?

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  1. That reindeer jumper is so cute i think I might have to hint to the boy for one for the Christmas list!

  2. I will definitely wear one at christmas, it's so fun haha!
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  3. They are just so awful they are amazing! Haha.. they are too cute, I think I will be wearing one on Christmas Eve night:-). Xo

  4. I love a Christmas jumper! The girls and I go Christmas shopping in matching festive jumpers every year - not because we are sad (we are!) but because it's all part of the fun of Christmas, just like singing along to Shakin' Stevens... we all do that, right?! x

  5. Christmas jumpers are just the cutest things ever! Love the fair isle print in particular!

    Www.ispytrends.blogspot.com, come say hello!

    Katie. Xx

  6. Love all three of these christmas jumpers! Thankyou for the follow, look forward to reading your next post xx

  7. I love them! However i don't think i'll be wearing them till Decemmber. Primark have some pretty cute ones in at the moment :)


  8. I Love all these Jumpers, My fav is probs the last one!
    Great post babe.

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  9. I REALLY want a christmas jumper... topshop have cute ones too but £50 no thanks lol... nice blog

  10. I am partial to a little christmassy jumper, loving these ones too!


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