31 December 2012

Favourite thing's of 2012

2012 has actually been a great big mix of a year for me. It started off with passing my theory test first time & also my driving test (post here) (I was a great big nervous wreck) In the hope to improve my m.e I also went on a wheat & caffeine (along with other food's) free diet   it's rather eye opening how many food's contain what. A huge point of the year was also getting to experience the Olympic's and feel proud. Seeing the run up and being in London a few day's before it started and seeing all the film crew's (post here) Getting to be in the heart of London photographing the parade for college was also amazing (post here) And also had my Olympic inspired nail art printed in Look magazine! (post here & here)
I thought it would be nice to write down all my favourite thing's that happened in my little notebook (available here) and maybe this time next year look back at it. Knowing me I'll remember more thing's later on, but for now these were my few favourite thing's. I think the biggest thing's to happen this year was passing my driving test and driving my own car, starting to feel rather grown up now, scarily. 

What were your favourite thing's of 2012?

Happy new year everyone, see you in 2013!
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26 December 2012

Christmas time!

L-R Present's, Mince Pies, Woof, Frosty Fancies, Lovely gift, Christmas cracker joke, Moi, A few gift's I received, Christmas dinner time!
I can't believe Christmas has come and gone so quickly! I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas day. I didn't really want to do a 'haul' post but these are just a few photo's of our day. I surprisingly didn't take many photo's throughout the day but a few. I received some really lovely present's and had a yummy Christmas dinner. 2012 will be over soon which is so strange, I remember being in year 10 and everyone saying 2012 will be 'the year' and it's been such a wonderful year, I feel like I've done quite a lot personally and in a way I feel like my blog has changed (in a good way!) from this time last year. 
Apologies for lack of blogging this month, I've been working a lot and not getting in until midnight. 
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22 December 2012

Homemade Vanilla lip/hand scrub

This is my go to scrub recipe when I plan to wear a matte or any lippy or just when the cold weather is making my lip's dry. This scrub isn't just great for the lip's though it's a good all rounder. I also use this on my hand's, feet and just as an all over body scrub.
It's super easy to make and much cheaper then store brought.

Depending on how much you want to make, it's always worth adding a spoon more of sugar to what you added of olive oil, to make it less of a wet scrub. Or just add and mix until you like the consistency.

2tbsp of sugar (Caster for a finer scrub)
1tbsp vanilla sugar
2tbsp olive oil

It's also great to add different essential oils or switch up the oil you use in the scrub to one you like.
Mostly I make this when I want to use it so it stay's fresh but I also make up a batch and store it in a pretty jar.
These would make great present's especially because you can customise the fragrance to the person.

What's your favourite scrub? Do you make your own?

This is going to most probably be my last post before Christmas so Merry Christmas to all you lovely lot reading this! 

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19 December 2012

New shoes - Jeffrey Campbell 'Freda'

Jeffrey Campbell 'Freda' - £65 

These beauties are the new addition to my shoe collection, and pretty much the tallest. When I saw Office had a sale of Jeffrey Campbell's of course I wanted to pick up some Lita's but  they were all out in my size. Instead I ordered these beauties, I think they're a little bit like Lita's on steroid's? the same shape of a Lita but with a big platform and an even bigger chunky heel. I'm loving heel's with the platform close to the block heel right now (Really not sure of the appropriate name for them) In all honesty I've had nothing but utter bother from Office for these lovely pair of shoe's to finally be mine. In short, I ordered these on the 25th November (early Christmas present!) and with Office being a big and well reputable company I thought they would arrive in a week. Wrong. After 12 day's I had yet to receive a delivery despatch email, my order was still 'pending'. I first emailed the email address at the bottom of the confirmation email but received no reply, So I tweeted them to get another email just to find out if there was a reason for a delay because it was still in stock on the website at the time. My email(s) have received no response (even now after nearly 25 days! well done on Customer service!) Finally after 20 day's, yes 20 day's after ordering I was told they'd sent them out. Of course I was super excited to finally have my first pair of Jeffrey Campbell's, but un-fortunately when I pulled the box out of the parcel bag it was ripped and re-selotaped up on corner's, lovely. 

The most excited part was next of pulling the beauties out of the box. Except when I opened the torn box the shoes had literally just been dumped in there with no care what so ever, and in all honesty my heart sunk a little at how ridiculously bad Office had been. I know from seeing other's Jeffrey Campbell's they come in a dust bag each and plenty of paper to keep them secure in the box. In my box I had one thin sheet of tissue paper at the bottom, the tissue insert's they usually pop in side the shoe as shaper's left in there and the shoes. At the bottom was two torn and ripped dust bag's. To me it came across as someone had returned them and they hadn't checked as it was so badly put in the box, and for the shoes to not even be in the dust bag's (ripped even so.) 

All in all I love these shoes, I'm so happy to finally have my first pair of Jeffries. I know alot of people will say how high they are, and yes they are quite high and will take a little getting used to. They measure 6 1/2" heel and 3" platform. 
I think mine are in the black wash leather for anyone wondering. I think Lita's will defintely need to be next on the list to save up for. Luckily more U.K stockist's have a better range now, if only there was a U.K version of Solestruck they have so so many styles of Jeffries.

What's your favourite pair of Jeffrey Campbell's?

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15 December 2012

Crafty Christmas #3 DIY Gift Tag's

What I used: Wrapping paper Trio pack - BHS sale 11', Flower hole puncher - Hobbycraft (similar here)

A simple Crafty Christmas post today but It may be one those don't automatically think of.
Sometime's the prettiest of wrapping paper comes un-accompanied with tag's. All I did was use the card which has the wrapping paper wrapped around (when you come to the end of the roll) and use all the odd shape scrap's I had leftover from wrapping the present's up. It's nice because you can do lot's of different shape's or even mis-match with other wrapping paper's (These came in a trio, bird themed)

Just a super quick, simple & easy post today! 


10 December 2012

How I ombréd my hair -

All in all it's taken me a year to finally take the plunge and ~ombré~ my hair. In-case you haven't seen this on celeb's like Lauren Conrad & Caroline Flack, or around other blog's or know what it actually mean's, ombre is a French term meaning “shaded.” It's usually a multicolored stripe, with colors graduating from light to dark. It basically look's like you haven't done your root's in year's with your natural colour coming through leaving you left with the lighter colour (usually blonde) on the end's.


5 December 2012

Christmas is coming!

It's so crazy that Christmas is nearly here, 2012 has really flown by way too fast! We popped the tree up along with decoration's & it's now feeling rather festive. 
Has anyone else popped their decoration's up this week?

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2 December 2012

Crafty Christmas #2 - How to make a Snowglobe

What I used: Old jam jar, Glycerine, Water, Mixture of glitter's, Glue, Christmas inspired decoration's.

Crafty Christmas post number 2! I'm loving writing up these post's as being crafty during the festive season is one of my favourite thing's, even more than usual. I think they're all quite simple to do and non time consuming so hopefully everyone can have a go even if you aren't a huge diy fan.
Snowglobe's for me are something we always have out for Christmas every year, I love how cute and old school they are and take you straight back to child hood. These are really easy and quick to do so you could even do them with little kid's in the family and keep them as special momentoes. You can use any screw top or bottle you wish, I like the rustic-ness of jam jar's. I used tiny little jam jar's last year (the one's you get in Supermarkets as minitures/try me's) which looked so so cute. The snowman inside was just from a cake shop which I picked up to decorate the Yule Log, you can use anything or even create a little scene inside, I would recommend checking what it look's like before you commit with glue as water enlarges thing's. 

All you need to do is glue the object you choose on to the lid of the Jam Jar (a strong glue) fill the jar up with water right to the top of the jar if you leave a gap when you turn it upside down it will show up. Pour in your glycerine and give it a stir, I can't really give measurement's because it depend's on how much water you use, be generous! Pour in your glitter, I always put in a little bit of holographic so it catches the light beautifully when shaken and some craft glitter which you can usually pick up for cheap in little stores in the kid's craft aisle. 
Lastly, screw the lid on very tight and you now have your very own snow globe. You could even decorate the lid with glitter paper or ribbon. 

Will you have a go at making one yourself? Do you like Snowglobes? 

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