26 December 2012

Christmas time!

L-R Present's, Mince Pies, Woof, Frosty Fancies, Lovely gift, Christmas cracker joke, Moi, A few gift's I received, Christmas dinner time!
I can't believe Christmas has come and gone so quickly! I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas day. I didn't really want to do a 'haul' post but these are just a few photo's of our day. I surprisingly didn't take many photo's throughout the day but a few. I received some really lovely present's and had a yummy Christmas dinner. 2012 will be over soon which is so strange, I remember being in year 10 and everyone saying 2012 will be 'the year' and it's been such a wonderful year, I feel like I've done quite a lot personally and in a way I feel like my blog has changed (in a good way!) from this time last year. 
Apologies for lack of blogging this month, I've been working a lot and not getting in until midnight. 
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  1. Lovely:) I see, that you've had a great christmas eve:) Wish you a lovely last christmas days and a Happy New Year too:)



  2. Oh those Frosty Fancies are delish! Looks like you got some lovely gifts, hope you had a wonderful day :) x

  3. Aw you got some amazing pressies!! I love those Frosty fancies - I swear I have been through boxes of them since the festive season began! :)

    LaceyLoves x

  4. Cute photo's looks like a fun Christmas :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  5. So jealous of the Moschino belt... and the frosty fancies, hahah!

    Ava Tallulah

  6. Lovely pictures, it looks like you got some great little bits! xo

  7. Looks like you had an amazing Christmas =)

  8. One of my favourite perfumes and Yankee candles! I had a lush bath bomb and it smells SO divine xx

  9. Looks like you got some gorgeous gifts :) I love Nina Ricci fragrances x

  10. Some lovely goodies you have there xxx I've been eyeing up that new beauty blender xxx


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