10 December 2012

How I ombréd my hair -

All in all it's taken me a year to finally take the plunge and ~ombré~ my hair. In-case you haven't seen this on celeb's like Lauren Conrad & Caroline Flack, or around other blog's or know what it actually mean's, ombre is a French term meaning “shaded.” It's usually a multicolored stripe, with colors graduating from light to dark. It basically look's like you haven't done your root's in year's with your natural colour coming through leaving you left with the lighter colour (usually blonde) on the end's.

Over the year deciding whether to do it or not I've watched many video's read many blog's and ummed and ahh'ed over seeing Caroline Flack's on the Xtra Factor. I originally tested it out on some cheap hair extensions close to my hair colour (I've never worn extensions but just wanted to do a trial) too see what I could change when It came to doing it on my real long lock's. It also helped on deciding how long to leave it on for, I used the Jerome Russell B.Blonde hair lightener for dark hair and left it on the extensions for 20minute's it came out way to coppery, brassy and too blonde for what I wanted to achieve.

What I used: Jerome Russell B.Blonde- Boot's,  Creme Peroxide in volume 10 & 20- Beauty Supply Store, Dying brush- Beauty Supply Store, Purple shampoo- Boot's

The day before I planned to do my hair I decided the volume of peroxide included in the kit (40) was in-fact way too high for what I wanted and re-act way too fast. So I drove to the beauty supply store & picked up a cream peroxide in 10 & 20, an extra box of powdered bleach and a dying brush for each volume of peroxide (So to not mix up the volumes) I also picked up some cheap food containers. A pack of 5 for £1.30, bargain. So I didn't get confused while bleaching popping a sticker of the volume number on the pot is super handy. 
I'm one of those 'visual learners' so I prefer seeing how something's done rather then reading so apologies to those like me who like to see photo's/video's. It was one of those 'Will this even come out right' or 'Will I totally ruin my hair' moment's so I didn't take any. 

Just a little info of why I decided to use different volumes of peroxide before I go on and confuse people.
I did this as the volume of peroxides determine how much colour they take out and lighten the hair shade, Ombre is a gradient effect therefore instead of using one volume I'd ~hopefully~ be left with a good gradual effect. 

Volume 10 peroxide: Designed to open up the hair cuticle allowing you to put in the colour you want (darker for example) To be honest I thought this would do what Volume 20 is designed to so basically it's totally pointless for me to use but like I said I didn't know this at the time and thought it would lighten the hair shade 1-2 times lighter, which it doesn't... at all.

Volume 20 peroxide: Designed to lighten the hair 1-2 times then the shade you are (and what I thought volume 10 peroxide would do) this can also open the hair's cuticle like volume 10.
Volume 40: I really don't rate using this at home if you aren't a pro or experienced. The fact is it's such a high volume of peroxide that it will react very very quickly. I only left this on my hair for 5-8 minutes and it came out just the right colour. On the box they recommend leaving it for an hour for blonde highlight's, if you have dark brown hair like mine the odd's are you will be left with coppery, brassy tinted highlight's more then blonde. 

The higher the peroxide the more damage it will probably do to your hair, I found that mine hasn't really been damaged or dry, to my surprise. Bleach does damage though. I'm guessing it's the fact my hair was quite healthy before and the peroxides I used were quite low volume. The end's where I used the Jerome Russell volume 40 is the driest which proves a point. I'm glad because ever since I was in school I've made sure my hair is healthy & shiny, and the lovely thing is hairdresser's always compliment how healthy it is for long hair.

Now on to how I applied the bleach:
I mixed up each of the volume's of the powder bleach & peroxide until it was a thick yet still runny mixture, almost like pancake batter. 
For anyone like me who constantly watched Youtube video's on the best technique to do this, most people apply the one peroxide (from the kit) on the end's leave on for 15 minutes etc then apply further up the hair (so the end's are lighter) I did this the total opposite. 
I started by first applying the volume 10 peroxide mixture to the desired height up the hair. When I moved on to the volume 20 I also made sure to feather into the volume 10 so you don't get a harsh line, it all just fade's into each level. I let these two volumes develop for about 20 minute's before applying the volume 40. The lower the volume the longer it will take to react and develop. I did the same feathering up technique with the volume 40 but only applied this literally to the tip's of the hair, leaving it on for 5 minutes or so and then washed it out. 
Taken a few month's ago (hair is a bit longer now) I started applying it a bit lower then shown here.

I used my normal everyday shampoo to wash it all out and then used a purple shampoo (Totally forgot to photograph it for this post) The purple shampoo work's a bit like the Bobbi Brown corrector does with counteracting the purple tone's with yellow. The Pigment's of the purple shampoo counteract any brassy yellow tone's. I then popped on lot's of deep conditioner for 10 Minute's and then washed it all out. 

I'm so glad my hair didn't turn into a coppery brassy state or totally messed it up. My hair is so dark with red undertone's I had a feeling it would go coppery but it didn't too much, any part's that did was fixed with the purple shampoo.

It was so hard to try and get a decent photo of it but you can see it a bit in this Twitter photo here

Hopefully this post was helpful for any of you wanting to ombre your own, this took me so long to write, but of course I wanted to fill it with lot's of info. 

Have you ombred your hair? Do you have any tip's?

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  1. Great post, wow your ombre hair is one of my favourites i have seen, looks amazing!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. Your hair looks so nice like this! x


  3. You hair looks lovely



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