25 January 2013

Being all professional

When  I think about it, it did actually take me a while to get some blog business card's made.  I originally was just going to order some through Moo (which most blogger's rate!) but I was never happy or content with how I made them look so I just forgot about it. This year I made another blogging resolution to get myself to some blogger's meet-up's and finally meet some lovely blogger's. Last year I was either not able to make them on the date's or just too nervous and shy for my own good. Now I can't see myself being 'Oh here take my card' but I've read from other blogger's business card's are a great idea. I have a few thing's I hope to go to this year and it will be really easy and simple to just give my detail's on a card for anyone who ask's.

I'm planning on making a couple of design's but this was one I just made up the other evening. It was super easy. I used Publisher and printed them on to watercolour card/paper. I had the biggest challenge to find thick enough and good card but I ended up buying a watercolour sketch book because it was just the right card I was looking for. I blurred out my surname just in-case y'all wanted to track me down, obviously joking, It's not the biggest deal. Now to make a diy case to keep them all nice and clean.

Have you made blog business card's? Do you think they're a good idea?

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23 January 2013

A few thing's last week in photograph's

Just a few photo's from last week, I haven't really been up to much to take photo's but snow- yay! 
Woof certainly loves the snow so out came a nice warm hat and big jacket to have some fun (never too old) 
What have you all been up to?

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21 January 2013

Covered in Snow - What I wore

Blouse - OASAP / Jumper - Primark / Skirt - Miss Guided / Boot's - Dorothy Perkin's / Jacket - Asda (old!) /  Hat - H&M 

Today we finally had some snow in ~Essex~ yay. I apologise now to anyone sincerely bored of hearing about all this white stuff online. 
Un-fortunately this 'outfit of the day' didn't go exactly well, It was snowing so heavy you can't really see the outfit and most the shot's were out of focus annoyingly. 

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17 January 2013

Michael Kors V.S River Island Rose gold chronograph watch

Michael Kors Rose Gold chronograph £230 (post here), River Island Rose gold chronograph £28 - Here

The other day I posted about my new Michael Kors watch and now also my 'everyday' dupe of it has the spotlight. The River Island chronograph. 
I wear my MK alot but for those day's i.e work I don't really want to wear it and risk damaging it. The River Island watch is an amazing dupe of it, when put next to each other you can tell the difference by the slight richness of 'rose gold' the shininess, the overall quality and the face's of the two. 

The River Island watch really is amazing, it's such good value for money and doesn't stick out on your arm as a 'High street dupe' I luckily picked up the last one in my local River Island, they also had the normal 'gold' one too. They are now back online if you were un-able to pick one up in-store. 

I seem to have a slight watch obsession recently and I love both of these. I'd definitely recommend the River Island watch for anyone wanting a lovely chronograph and don't wish to buy the MK.

Anyone else loving chronograph's? what's your favourite watch?

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15 January 2013

Current skin care favourites

Last week I had a horrible cold and my skin was less then great from the cold weather also. 
I thought I would do a little post on a few product's which really helped my skin look and feel less dry and more bright and healthy. 

I first started out with my Origin's Modern Friction scrub to get rid of any dryness and give my skin a nice exfoliation, just make sure if you use this you stay well away from the eye's (I know this sound's a bit obvious) but I stopped way below my eye's and the little bead's still managed to sting my eye's. Trust me, when it sting's it sting's bad with this stuff. 
After I take this off I then spray on some lovely Caudalie Elixir which I really love at the moment, It refreshes and inject's some moisture in my skin and also leave's it with what can only be described as a natural satin glow on the skin. I've even started using this after my make-up to get the natural dewy glow.

Eye cream is next, another brightening product. Origin's GinZing, Something rather needed with how I was feeling and looking. I'm really loving this eye cream lately. I'm loving Origin's in general right now, the two above are my first product's of there's and I've fallen in love with them both, I can't believe I haven't tried Origin's before. I certainly want to try more!

I then finish it off with my favourite moisturiser, Oilatum. This is my go to when my skin lean's more dry to it's usual normal self. I know if I apply this before bed I will wake up with smooth moisturising skin. I'm not sure what or how it does it but it really soothes and make's my skin look perfect. I still agree with everything I wrote on my review a while back here

These product's are all my go to favourite's for brightening and moisturising at the moment, not just for when I'm under the weather but all the time. 

What skincare item's are you reaching for?


12 January 2013

6 way's to wear a scarf

As I tend to be wearing my scarf's in my hair lot's recently I thought I'd post some way's I like to wear mine. They're all really easy to do and I love how they look and jazz up an outfit. This scarf is one of my favourite's, and of course it's galaxy print. It's available here

Number one:

The simple way to wear a scarf and of course the original. A pretty print scarf will jazz up any outfit instantly, it's also handy to wear and switch up the outfit later in the day by popping it in your hair. 

Number two: 

A pretty bow which instantly look's cute. It's super easy to do. Pop the scarf under your hair and tie in a knot at the top of your head and then tie into a bow.  I then tuck the end's in under the scarf.

Number three:

This one is my personal favourite, it's also another easy quick one to do but look's really nice. With the scarf under the hair again, bring the end's up over your head and then twist them round eachother so they go the opposite way the were originally. Bring the remaining end's to the back of the head, tie in a secure knot and hide end's.

Number Four:

Instead of tying the scarf on the top of the head I make this so it look's like a headband at the top and tie it at the back under the hair. It's optional whether you leave the end's free or tuck them in. 

Number Five: 

A super simple one to do, again with the scarf under the hair and bringing the scarf end's up over your head, I tie mine in a knot twice or three time's and then tuck the end's in. 

Number six:

Instead of under the hair this one is going on top. Before putting the scarf on the hair, I first just make a knot in the middle of the scarf and then put it around the front of my head and tie at the back twice to make it super secure. It tend's to slip when it's like this but tying it secure is fine. Again it's up to you leaving the end's free or tucking them in.

Do you like wearing scarf's in your hair? Will you try any of these?

~p.s- excuse my awkward looking face in these!~
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11 January 2013

Dainty Doll Liquid foundation in '002' - Review

(Swatched L-R) Bourjois Healthy mix '51', Missha b.b cream (post here), Dainty Doll '002', Estee Lauder double wear (Lightest shade)

I think I've finally found a foundation pale enough for the Casper which I am. Something I thought I would never ever say. Getting hold of this Dainty Doll foundation was as much of a challenge as it was to find a pale enough shade in drugstore brand's, I rung the Boot's number on their website and the lady said she was un-able to find any store that has Dainty Doll. It is online on a few website's including Boot's. This was a bit of a pain because everyone need's to test out the shade's before buying. It's a little pricier then standard drugstore brand's at £22.00 but I've got to the point where If the shade finally suit's me I'd splurge on a good foundation. 
Last year I posted about Missha b.b cream (post here) which was until now the only foundation I'd currently found to even be remotely close to my skin tone. I ordered from Korea on Ebay and it's still yet to run out so it's worked out really good value. Drug store brand's please start making better shade range's! As you can see from the swatches Missha b.b cream is a bit more pink toned where as the Dainty Doll foundation is more yellow toned.  

I don't actually wear foundation everyday, I just conceal and powder, but I do if I'm going out some where special for a bit more of a perfect base. 

I've found the dainty doll foundation is perfect for under the eye's before I apply my Bobbi Brown Corrector (post here) because it lean's more yellow-cool toned it counteract's the purple-ness of my under eye (one downside of late night's and super paleness) and also act's as a great base to stop the B.B caking. 

One word to describe this foundation? Perfect.
It's what I've been searching for forever, it has a beautiful satin finish which really look's beautiful in all lighting when it catches the light, it's also build-able without creating a cakey mess. When I was googling for review's alot of people noted to buy the 2nd shade even if you are super pale and usually go for the lightest. A very strange idea when you are used to going for the lightest fair shade automatically. As I was ordering online guessing my shade was really hard (wish Dainty Doll was made more readily available in stores!) Apparently the shade 001 was practically white but would be ideal to mix in with other foundation's that need lightening. I ordered 002 and it's perfect for me, I could probably go for 001 and mix in a tiny amount just to make it the ideal shade but I don't want to look too ill by going too light. 

I left the swatch to dry on my arm and left it for 4hour's+ it and didn't oxodize and change from the perfect shade to the oh not so perfect'o shade. 
The coverage is light to medium, I use it sparingly and it cover's just nicely. It is buildable if you wanted a bit more fuller coverage. 

This foundation really does give a lovely finish when blended out and I love that it gives a satin finish. I'd also like to try some Dainty Doll concealer. I'm so happy Nicola Robert's introduced a 'fair skin' brand to the beauty market, there's not many brand's that have a great range of true shade's for every girl and even the fairest are basically orange, so yay for Nicola!
It's currently my new favourite thing and hopefully it remain's to be. I'd love to pick up and try some Illamasqua foundation's as they were my next go to brand for fair foundation's. 

Have you tried this? Any fair foundation's I need to try? 

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7 January 2013

First outift post two thousand and thirteen

Dress - Primark (Similar here), Camo Jacket - London Vintage shop (Similar here), Belt - EBay, Watch - River Island, Shoes - EBay, Bag* - Brand Village 

I'm strangely and un-intentionally wearing all my favourite thing's in this post (oop's) I picked up the infamous River Island chronograph ~dupe~ of my new Michael Kors watch (Post Here) which I'll be comparing in a post soon! Along with my two favourite item's I received for Christmas my 'Moschino' belt and boot's. The boot's are actually really easy to walk in because of the platform and rather comfortable. I love them so much they just add a bit more to it then my usual ballet flat's. The seller did recommend to size down, I'm a size 6 in all shoe's and was quite un-sure whether to size down or not but  luckily when they arrived and I tried them on they fit me like a glove, yay. I also received this absolutely stunning satchel from Brand Village before Christmas but what with being a busy bee working until late I didn't have a chance to show this beauty on the blog. It's such a well made satchel with a sturdy bottom and I've been using it so much to carry around all my stuff. 

As a ~blogging resolution~ this year I'm going to try and keep up with outfit post's as they along with my random photo post's & diy's are my favourite to post. 

Anyone else made blogging resolution's? 

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4 January 2013

Micheal Kors rose gold chronograph watch

Introducing this new beauty to my collection, the Michael Kors rose gold chronograph. I recently received this from my parent's for my 18th birthday and it really is one of the most beautiful present's I've received.  It may be a little over exposed by most blogger's having this as their favourite watch but honestly I'm so in love with it. 
I had a few link's taken out when I got it sized at the shop.  
I actually love the rose gold way more then the normal gold, it just look's so lovely in the light. I seem to have started  a bit of a love for watches as seeing all the other beautiful one's in store caught my eye. Oh no.

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3 January 2013

Lush yellow vanilla 'Fun' bar - Review

I spotted these while Christmas shopping, after standing smelling every 'colour' I was a little un-sure of what they actually were. Lush bubble bar's are my favourite as you can tear a chunk off and have a few use's of them, this bar is the same theory. Of course the lovely people at Lush were as welcoming as usual and I was soon informed of what these play dough  like coloured thing's were. I also love the little illustration on the packaging of what you can use it for and the always great written bio.

I first tore a chunk off and the child in me rolled it into a ball and then a heart then proceeded to dip it in the water and yes this stuff did make bubbles. I was quite un-sure whether in it's play dough state it would actually translate into real bubbly loveliness. 

I used it in every way they recommended and my favourite was actually using it on my skin, it make's so many bubbles with the smallest amount this will truly last ages. Even though I don't tend to favour using these sort of product's on my hair as an everyday wash I popped some on the end's and that also worked well. I like how the yummy vanilla smell lingered on my skin even after I washed it off. Vanilla is my favourite 'scent' in candles and bath product's so I really love how this is just vanilla on it's own. 

At first I thought £5.00 was a little steep but from using the tiniest amount the other day I think the bar will last me a while. 

It's basically like play dough when you first touch it and take some off and they do say to wrap it back up. I found mine has started 'melting' a couple of day's from opening it first. I'm not sure if it's advised but I did pop mine in the fridge for half hour to firm it up. 
They also come in blue, pink, red and green. All in different 'flavour's.

Have you tried these yourself? Do you like the idea of them?

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