12 January 2013

6 way's to wear a scarf

As I tend to be wearing my scarf's in my hair lot's recently I thought I'd post some way's I like to wear mine. They're all really easy to do and I love how they look and jazz up an outfit. This scarf is one of my favourite's, and of course it's galaxy print. It's available here

Number one:

The simple way to wear a scarf and of course the original. A pretty print scarf will jazz up any outfit instantly, it's also handy to wear and switch up the outfit later in the day by popping it in your hair. 

Number two: 

A pretty bow which instantly look's cute. It's super easy to do. Pop the scarf under your hair and tie in a knot at the top of your head and then tie into a bow.  I then tuck the end's in under the scarf.

Number three:

This one is my personal favourite, it's also another easy quick one to do but look's really nice. With the scarf under the hair again, bring the end's up over your head and then twist them round eachother so they go the opposite way the were originally. Bring the remaining end's to the back of the head, tie in a secure knot and hide end's.

Number Four:

Instead of tying the scarf on the top of the head I make this so it look's like a headband at the top and tie it at the back under the hair. It's optional whether you leave the end's free or tuck them in. 

Number Five: 

A super simple one to do, again with the scarf under the hair and bringing the scarf end's up over your head, I tie mine in a knot twice or three time's and then tuck the end's in. 

Number six:

Instead of under the hair this one is going on top. Before putting the scarf on the hair, I first just make a knot in the middle of the scarf and then put it around the front of my head and tie at the back twice to make it super secure. It tend's to slip when it's like this but tying it secure is fine. Again it's up to you leaving the end's free or tucking them in.

Do you like wearing scarf's in your hair? Will you try any of these?

~p.s- excuse my awkward looking face in these!~
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  1. I love how you've styled this and the scarf is so pretty too! I'd never have though to wear a scarf in my hair, what a fab idea! xo


  2. aw i love the bow style one and it's such a pretty scarf! ox

  3. Love this :) number 2 and 3 are my favourites! x

  4. Those are such pretty ways to wear scarfs. I am always looking for fun ways to do my hair and this has helped. I love the bow style the most.

    Jackie @ http://fashionxfairytale.blogspot.com

  5. Great idea's, i love the bow look


  6. aw this was a cute post :) i like 2 & 3 the best but i would probably never be able to do them properly! i fail haha xx

    1. Thank's lovely! I'm not the greatest and doing this sort of thing but they're so easy to do :) xx

  7. Number 2 is my favourite, and I LOVE the print on the scarf :)

    Karys x

  8. I really love this scarf! Gorgeous ways to wear it, loved this post :) x

  9. Gutted the scarf is no longer available on ebay, it is absolutely beautiful! Love it as a bow in your hair. xx

  10. such a great post! Love the scarf too -w here is it from?

  11. I love the bow - so cute!



  12. I LOVE your Moschino belt, I've wanted one for ages! I always see fakes on eBay pop up from time to time and want to buy them but they're always too expensive still for dupes!

    Http://hannahrebekahcampbell.blogspot.com xxx

  13. The bow is really cute! Might just have to try that one out :)

    Sita xx


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