28 February 2013

Ebay Thing's #2

Seeing the rose sunglasses has made me want summer to hurry up even more. I love these, they're so cute. I'd probably diy these in the summer!
I also love the American Apparel inspired 3d mesh rose jumper and the Topshop Tee and Cake skeleton dress, which are such bargain's. I've been wanting to pick up a skeletal dress after seeing Meg's post on way's to wear it. 
My Galaxy obsession is still there so of course I loved this skirt, need to pick one up!

What do you like?
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27 February 2013

DIY neon studded beanie hat

I've always loved wearing hat's and beanies are my favourite right now, I picked this rather neon beanie up in Primark the other day reduced to £1 to wear for LFW to brighten up some of my outfit's, I got a few comment's of it when I was at Somerset House which was rather nice.

For an extra bit of something I added some huge spikey stud's, I like the screw on one's because I can easily just take them off if I get bored of them on something and add them to something else (My short's in the summer, beanies in winter) It's really easy to add them to knitwear because you can loosen the stitching to put them through and so quick to do. 
I couldn't find the seller I ordered all my stud's on last year but there's so many seller's and choice of different style's of stud's on EBay for good price's!

P.s- I recorded some London Fashion week loveliness for my Youtube Channel here if you fancied a watch! 

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25 February 2013

What I wore for LFW

Blouse - OASAP, Jumper - Primark, Hat - Primark (Similar Here) Boot's - Dorothy Perkin's, Skirt - Missguided  Bag - A-wear (brought years ago) Lipstick - MUA Shade 3

Finally posted what I wore when I hopped on down to London for LFW,  it did take me a while to sort through all my photo's of everything.  
Luckily the sun was shining even though it was still freezing which was rather annoying with what to wear.
I also uploaded this 'outfit' to look's 'what I'm wearing' here which I've been loving having a scroll through recently! 

I'll have a post on my beanie up soon!

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22 February 2013

London Fashion Week Street Style Part Two

It felt like I took much more street style photo's while I was at LFW but it seem's not as many as I thought! This is the second and last post of the street style so hope you enjoyed it. As I said I really loved seeing what everyone was wearing as there were so many different style's.

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21 February 2013

Ebay Thing's #1

Alot of the new addition's to my wardrobe I brought over 2012 were mostly from EBay, I love that you can find so many good bargain's of thing's you find from desinger's and occasionally I've found the exact same item's I've seen in High Street store's such as Topshop for a lot lot less. I've never had any trouble with buying from Seller's worldwide such as Hong Kong etc which is where the item's are commonly cheapest because they're mostly made there. 
Previously I would never have brought anything from non-uk seller's because It was just drilled in you'd probably not receive it which is crazy because there was so many good bargain's to have, now it's my favourite way to shop. 

How amazing is the Bart Simpson jumper and the Zara dupe coat, definitely need to be ordering those!

I love browsing on EBay so much so my watch list has overflowed and I now have countless list's of 'thing's to buy' People often comment on outfit post's about my ebay find's so I thought I would share a few thing's on my watch list.

Do you like EBay? What are you watching?

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20 February 2013

London Fashion Week Street Style (Part 1)

 photo IMG_5184_zps967cda86.jpg
 photo IMG_5190_zps9bba7d5f.jpg

 photo IMG_5191_zpsd722b862.jpg
 photo IMG_5189_zpsea6d4418.jpg

 photo iflorrielfwstreetstyle2013somersethouse_zpscbe861a9.jpg
 photo IMG_5200_zps820eecd1.jpg
L-R  Florrie from Intrinsically Florrie  & Paige from Skin and roses                         

 photo IMG_5241_zps8a3a871b.jpg
 photo IMG_5230-1_zps7c8a58a6.jpg

I really enjoyed walking around Somerset house and seeing what everyone was wearing it really is so nice to see so many different amazingly dressed people so I thought I would take some photo's of a few of my favourites I saw. I really would recommend anyone just hopping down to Somerset House even if you haven't got passes or ticket's as it's nice just to experience it all and take photo's. I had a few hour's before a show so popped down. I never really expected to have my own photo taken so when I was asked when I walked in I was a bit nervous. I just wanted to experience it, see everyone and take some photo's of other's! It was so nice to see what everyone was wearing and quite inspiring. I spotted a few blogger's which was rather nice even if I was a bit nervous to say hi. Part two will be up soon!

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19 February 2013

LFW - Kiev Fashion days (Exhibition) Part 1


14 February 2013

London Fashion Week: Bag Essential's

Miniature Denman hair brush, 3x Camera lenses, Company Magazine, Blog business card's, Filofax, Spare batteries, Small camera (for filming & just in case my other camera dies on me) Miniature Impulse spary, Miniature Liz Earle Skin Tonic Spritzer, Mac Lipstick, Train travel card, Oyster card, Show Ticket's

Tomorrow will be my first day and ever time going to LFW which I'm so excited for. I'm pretty much an over organiser/packer whenever I go to London or basically anywhere because I just hate being un-prepared. I'm also obviously taking my bigger camera to take photo's but I used it to take these! I probably don't need to take 3 lenses here creep's in the over prep thing again but I like to have the option's on me, by the end of the week I'll probably give up carrying it all around and just take my train travel card & camera! I'm also taking along my filofax so I know which show's are when & also has a mini tube map inside, my blog business card's and also Company magazine which I probably won't have time to read during the day at all but possibly on the train ride home. Ticket's are pretty important to take of course and also my Train Pass & Oyster card so I can get there. I'm also taking my Liz Earle skin tonic spritzer to brighten up and refresh my face and also a mini spray. 
I'm also taking the usual thing's like purse, phone, Key's etc which I totally forgot to photograph.

Let's hope I remembered everything!

I know a few Blogger's are going to some show's I'm planning on attending so if you're going do say Hi!  I really want to meet some lovely blogger's and I'll probably be uber shy to approach people to say Hi but I've never been to LFW or any thing blogging related so I'm really looking forward to it.

P.S- My giveaway run's out this week so don't forget to enter to win a Mac eyeshadow of choice here!
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9 February 2013

Mini Haul!

Cross Earring's - Primark, Cross bracelet -  F21, Purse - F21, Filofax, Joni Jean's - Topshop

I tend not to post 'haul's' on here even more so now I'm saving up my pennie's but I brought a few thing's this month and after a few people on twitter said yes to a post, here it is! 
Of course my favourite new jean's from Topshop (love) which I included in an outfit post this week here

I'm so happy we finally have a F21 locally. It's amazingly big. I spend so long browsing in there because there's such an overwelmingly amount of choice in a nice way of course. I really like how they designed the jewellery section so I spend the most time looking at all the pretty piece's, I still can't believe their thing's are so cheaply priced because they could easily charge Topshop price's. I picked up this dainty cross bracelet for only £3 something as I've been loving dainty piece's recently. I then went back another time after searching for a new large purse in every shop and finally finding this perfect one.

Another bargain were the hanging cross earring's from Primark which I've been wearing so so much lately, even appearing in my get ready Youtube video. They were only £1 which would be too rude to dismiss so I picked up a pair in Rose Gold to match my MK watch and silver to go with necklace's etc.

Lastly I finally found a diary, I had trouble finding one I liked anywhere but Tesco had Filofax's on half price so I picked this up for £9, I really wanted to get organised this year but also thought it would be nice to look back and remember what I did in the year. Yay for being organised!

What have you brought recently? Did you like my mini-haul? 

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6 February 2013

Joni's having a lazy day Outfit

Jumper - Primark, Necklace - EBay, Jean's - Topshop, Shoe's- EBay, Bag - EBay, Bracelet & Ring* - Sophia With Love

Apologies for lack of post's last week I had alot on and this weekend was also my dad's birthday so even though I was still on twitter I didn't have much time to take photo's for blog post's. I also want to mention #bbloggers chat from last Sunday with the topic being 'Blog's we love etc' which was such a nice and positive topic, of course there's lot's & lot's of blog's I love to read and those which inspire me. I'd just like to give a virtual hug and thank's to those of you lovely girl's who mentioned my blog as one they enjoy, something which I did expect at all. It really does mean so much and I really do appreciate it.

I've been saving all my pennies up since before Christmas I tried on the Joni's in Topshop and caved ending up in purchasing my own, I know I know. But these are a beauty. I tried the AA Easy Jean's on but like most was put off by the price tag, these were £36.
What I did find were the Topshop pair feel & are a little thicker then the American Apparel one's (you can see lines through the AA one's let's put it that way) They're also super soft and stretchy and fit me like a glove. It's a big pain to buy jean's which fit nicely because of my annoying hips, booty and smaller waist but these are perfect.

Bit of a relaxed outfit as I didn't want to dress up much today.
I've only worn them a couple of time's so I can't comment on knee sagging or stretch etc but I'm sure I'll update on another post.
p.s I'll have a post up of the lovely thing's from Sophia soon!

pp.s I'm pretty sure this is the first outfit post I've worn trouser's and my hair up ooh eeer.

Have you brought your own pair of Joni's? Do you like them?

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