20 February 2013

London Fashion Week Street Style (Part 1)

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 photo iflorrielfwstreetstyle2013somersethouse_zpscbe861a9.jpg
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L-R  Florrie from Intrinsically Florrie  & Paige from Skin and roses                         

 photo IMG_5241_zps8a3a871b.jpg
 photo IMG_5230-1_zps7c8a58a6.jpg

I really enjoyed walking around Somerset house and seeing what everyone was wearing it really is so nice to see so many different amazingly dressed people so I thought I would take some photo's of a few of my favourites I saw. I really would recommend anyone just hopping down to Somerset House even if you haven't got passes or ticket's as it's nice just to experience it all and take photo's. I had a few hour's before a show so popped down. I never really expected to have my own photo taken so when I was asked when I walked in I was a bit nervous. I just wanted to experience it, see everyone and take some photo's of other's! It was so nice to see what everyone was wearing and quite inspiring. I spotted a few blogger's which was rather nice even if I was a bit nervous to say hi. Part two will be up soon!

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  1. Great snaps!! LFW seems like so much fun and really inspiring!Xx


    1. Thank's! It really is inspiring just seeing everyone's style xx

  2. These are gorgeous shots, some peoples outfits are gorgeous!


  3. These are brilliant! I LOVE the look of the girl with the blonde hair and dark lips!
    Yasmin xx

  4. I'll have to go next time! :) I love the bunny ear outfit!

    Love, Rachel

  5. Thanks for featuring me doll!


  6. Hi Sam, thank you for your comment on my blog and offering to be there if I ever need to talk, that's really sweet of you :) I don't know many young people with M.E either, and definitely no other bloggers so it's nice that we have both those things in common. I'd love to hear more about your experiences with it and your journey into recovery, We're now friends on twitter so hopefully we can talk soon!
    Also - I love this post, so many wicked outfits!
    Take care
    xx Hayley-Eszti



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