26 March 2013

Cream Egg chocolate brownies

There seem's to have been a spot of a cream egg brownie phase all over twitter recently so I thought I would join in and make some super yummy brownies with an Easter twist. Incredibly calorific- yes, but really chocolatey, fudgy & gooey. I followed a normal chocolate brownie recipe from a book an ozzy friend sent us (which is dedicated solely to chocolate recipes, mmm) and then threw in the cream eggs. Most people cut one in half and put them in but I did quarters. My cream eggs actually sunk into the brownies as they rose and cooked. Still tasty, melted and gooey in the end result though. They're quite sickly so I only had half of one square. 

Have you tried making these? 

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  1. Omg amazing! Xx

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  2. oh my god these look incredible! I read on another recipe post that if you freeze the eggs then they dont sink as much as they dont melt so quickly. Not sure if you did this or not :)
    Poppy | far away

    1. My dad told me to do this but I forgot, ahh! Thank's lovely, will be having another go before they stop selling them :) xx

  3. Easter is SO hard when you are trying to loose weight! ha ha :) These look AMAZING! :)

    Love, Rachel


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