6 March 2013

Tea for you & tea for me

Being the lover of cooking I am I decided to bake up some scone's, make some triangle sandwiches (minus the crusts of course!) and have a mini tea for my nan's 98th Birthday.
My nan is one of the most wonderful and loveliest people I've ever met, the fact you can leave her when you pop in a shop to come back and she's made lot's of new friend's is one thing. But all through growing up and as a little girl I just loved spending time with her so much so I'd stay over for day's in half term instead of the 'one night' and build a den, make food and eat underneath it with her. I personally love the 'hand' shot which my mum took yesterday for reason's I can't quite put my finger on, 80 year's age difference. Just wanted to post up a few photo's!

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  1. This is such a gorgeous post. Special moments like this are the best! Hope your nan had an amazing birthday. It almost made me teary reading your lovely words about her :)

    Christina | Passion Obsession

  2. Aww this is so cute! Happy birthday to your nan! x


  3. I agree, that hand shot is lovely, just shows how close a relationship you have even with an age gap. Grandma's are the best (: xx

  4. lovely and warm pictures;)X



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