29 April 2013

How to make bunting

My first youtube video on my channel (which feels like so so long ago) was a paper bunting one, It was quite random and I didn't really blog too much at the time either so now I have a sewing machine I thought I would do a sewing one! 
It's really easy to do and I love the fabric it was so easy to work with. 
The pretty floral bunting is now hanging in my room replacing my old one!

Would you try making your own bunting?

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23 April 2013

Hello Kitty - baking time!

How cute are these little Hello Kitty cake moulds? After seeing the mould I was hoping they would turn out well with the indentations of the face. They actually came out well except a few which decided to stick. I made sure to grease & flour them well so they were really easy to push out when baked. I also learnt after one batch to always make sure they fully cool before deciding to take them out of the mould. I used some chocolate cake decorating pen's to make the details stand out. 

I love this cake mould, I only had normal cupcake moulds before so It's nice and different (and rather cute too)

Do you like these?

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19 April 2013

Neon? - What I wore

beanie - Primark (similar here) sunglasses - Primark (similar here) blouse - OASAP, skirt - Miss Guided, belt - H&M, bag - local market (similar here) shoes - Ebay

I've just realised annoyingly my belt slipped in one of the photos, oops. One down side of losing weight is the fact old clothes or belt's in my case no longer fit!
I'm really loving these boot's recently which is why they keep making an appearance! 
Woof always join's me outside sleeping or watching when I take my photo's so thought I would the above photo in.

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18 April 2013

Charity shop skirt DIY

Skirt - Charity shop £2.50

It's been a while since I've wrote any charity shop / bootsale or diy related blog post's. When I first started this blog I wrote about beauty which slowly developed into mainly diy's & my charity shop haul's so it's nice to go back to it. 
I picked up this long rather un-flattering skirt when in my favourite charity shop last week, at £2.50 I picked it up along with some other little treasures.  I was so happy when I found this because I've been keeping a mental note in my head to keep an eye out for a linen type of skirt that I can shorten & hem for summer and possibly dye in a bright pink so I was really pleased when I spotted this. 
It was really quick & easy to alter, I wanted to wear it high waisted so I popped it on  and marked when I wanted it to finish. After cutting it off I gave it a quick sweep with the iron folding over the hem and sewing a straight stitch. I didn't really want the zip button front so the back magically became the new front, it also had two dart's so it fitted just perfectly. 
I love that a skirt I would never have worn has now become something that I'll probably love this summer by just a few simple changes, I also like how it's like a 60's inspired mini skirt. 
I will probably have an outfit post with this soon!

I also thought about doing a blog post on tip's on Charity Shops and boot sales (now summer is  beginning!) if anyone wanted to see it?
Do you like this idea? 

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16 April 2013

Tie dye - What I wore

top - DIY (post here) skirt - Miss Guided, shoes - Ebay, sunglasses - Primark (similar here)
hat - H&M (similar here) bag - local market (similar here)

When I made this tie dye shirt last year I didn't think I would get as much wear from it as I have, it's one of my favourite simple tee's to wear and I will definitely be tie dying more this summer. After seeing the lovely Charlotte from Charltom Wintale post a picture of the mirror sunglasses for only £2 I had to get myself to Primark! I love them. 

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4 April 2013

Stripes - What I wore

Dress - Primark, Blouse - Glamorous, Belt - H&M, Hat - H&M, Collar Tip's - Primark, Shoes - Primark, Sunglasses - EBay 

Even though I only originally brought this dress for work I've been wearing it so much, yes it's true what they say with the classic LBD; It shall not serve you wrong. I thought I would pair it with the blouse & collar tip's I planned to wear to LFW on one of the days. I also filmed a little 'OOTD' video for my channel  which I've never done. Let me know in the comment's or like the video if you want to see more!

P.s- my little blog reached 900 readers over the weekend, thank you to those who wish to read my ramblings!

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2 April 2013

Happy Easter~

I didn't take many photos this weekend but thought I would post a few. It always feels odd after the clocks change but it's so nice that it's staying lighter for longer and possibly summer will hurry up and the snow stops. Had a lovely long weekend for Easter but it felt odd with having the two bank holiday's.

I've been meaning to get some diy's & outfit posts up but just lacking time, hopefully when I get my new camera (hd video's, yay) I'll be up-loading to my channel  regularly as the perfectionist within me hates the low quality of the one I use!

Hope everyone had a lovely long Easter weekend.

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