18 April 2013

Charity shop skirt DIY

Skirt - Charity shop £2.50

It's been a while since I've wrote any charity shop / bootsale or diy related blog post's. When I first started this blog I wrote about beauty which slowly developed into mainly diy's & my charity shop haul's so it's nice to go back to it. 
I picked up this long rather un-flattering skirt when in my favourite charity shop last week, at £2.50 I picked it up along with some other little treasures.  I was so happy when I found this because I've been keeping a mental note in my head to keep an eye out for a linen type of skirt that I can shorten & hem for summer and possibly dye in a bright pink so I was really pleased when I spotted this. 
It was really quick & easy to alter, I wanted to wear it high waisted so I popped it on  and marked when I wanted it to finish. After cutting it off I gave it a quick sweep with the iron folding over the hem and sewing a straight stitch. I didn't really want the zip button front so the back magically became the new front, it also had two dart's so it fitted just perfectly. 
I love that a skirt I would never have worn has now become something that I'll probably love this summer by just a few simple changes, I also like how it's like a 60's inspired mini skirt. 
I will probably have an outfit post with this soon!

I also thought about doing a blog post on tip's on Charity Shops and boot sales (now summer is  beginning!) if anyone wanted to see it?
Do you like this idea? 

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  1. such a gorgeous skirt! good find xx


  2. You've done a really great job with the skirt! I love seeing charity shop hauls, especially as I'm never usually that lucky with charity shops where I live. I hope you'll do more CS related posts soon!

    Jen xx


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