24 May 2013

I'm loving - Clarins skin perfecting b.b cream

Available from Escentual* - £22.40

It's been quite a while since I have reviewed or posted about beauty products so I thought I would include this new b.b cream from Clarins on this weeks 'I'm loving post' 
What with all the b.b creams u.k brands bought and still are bringing out I've yet to try any as on me they look extremely orange. I've only tried one from Missha which I 'think' is a korean brand, review here. B.B creams tend to have skin care benefits in them which is why I like them. I've never used any thing from Clarins so I was excited to try this. 
This is a reasonably larger size then standard foundations/tinted moisturisers etc in drugstores which are usually 30-35ml but this is 45ml. 

When I first swatched it I thought the shade would be way to dark for me. I found once I rubbed it in it blends away nicely into a good shade for me, this would be an ideal summer shade. I find if I blend it in really well and top with a lighter powder it looks so natural and brightens up my skin. I find it to be a really nice satin finish which Is my favourite when it comes to foundations etc. 
When I first swatched it I was amazed how it melted into my skin and 'perfected', felt soft and has a very nice smell to it. I later found out that it's the Katafray bark in it that plumps and moisturises and  Clarins 3D radiance pigment which brightens and minimises flaws. 

I do like to use my hands to really blend this in but I also like the RT buffing brush and Sigma F82 if I wear it for the evening for a more flawless finish as this does provide quite a medium coverage. 

I also like that it contains an SPF, I always wear a high spf under my make-up anyway but when using this I can skip that step, handy! 

Overall I really like this and love how light it feels on my skin, have you tried this?

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16 May 2013

I'm loving - washi / stationary tape

                                                                 Tape - Wholetrade

I've really been loving using this tape on so many things recently. I never used to really think this sort of washi  / stationary tape could be used for so much. Of course it's perfect for scrap booking but also for giving plain brown wrapping paper a little extra something by using this, little flags which I stuck on the top of cocktail sticks and could be put in cupcakes. I have a few more ideas in mind for these so may do a future post soon!

I also recently (finally) made an instagram here . I've been loving it but yet to follow that many people so leave your names below as I need to get following!

Do you like this tape? what do you use yours for?

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9 May 2013

Girls night in by Hannah Read-Baldrey // book review

Available here

These type of books are one of my favourites, easy browsing and perfect when looking for ideas. They always leave me inspired and digging through my craft stash, it also reminds me of my other favourite crafty / recipe book by Jazz Domino Holly. The book includes everything you would need for ideas on a girls night in, be it food/cocktails, games or a relaxing pamper session.

As part of the Crafty blog tour with the blogger before being lululoves and tomorrow circle of pine trees I was lucky enough to receive my own copy! It's quickly become my joint number one favourite crafty book and of course wanted to share it on the blog.

'Girls night in' is exactly what it is, lots of lovely crafty ideas to help you on planning your girls night in. From prep beforehand to when your friends turn up. One of my favourites from the book even if I practically love the whole book is the photo booth idea which is always great for reminder's of your lovely night at the end. You could always print them out in groups of four like old school booths and give them to your friends. Decoration tips (I really love the leggy bunting) and of course a party needs some food and cocktails!

The book begins with tips on before the party including check lists, what to wear and the week before. It then leads on to decoration DIYs including paper pom poms the leggy bunting, crackers and invitations. It also has ideas for games such as drawing whispers, guess who and of course some rather tasty cocktails, titanic, pink lady and also jelly shots.

If you preferred a pamper evening with all your best friends Hannah also includes some super easy diy recipes for some nice long relaxing time. Lavender salt scrub, mocha face mask, lemon and vodka foot soak and also ideas for some glam make-up and hair-do's (I love the beehive) 

I really enjoyed this book and think I'm going to get oh so much use from it, I like how simple the projects are that you could do them easily without being an ~experienced crafter~. It's one of those books you find so many ideas from and one you'll always go back to for recipes or craft projects. 
Some projects I plan on doing from it are the make-up brush roll, silhouette lampshades and ragged heart garland and many many more so I may do a blog post! I would have loved to do some for the post this week but I've had a bit of a tough week so apologies. 

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