24 May 2013

I'm loving - Clarins skin perfecting b.b cream

Available from Escentual* - £22.40

It's been quite a while since I have reviewed or posted about beauty products so I thought I would include this new b.b cream from Clarins on this weeks 'I'm loving post' 
What with all the b.b creams u.k brands bought and still are bringing out I've yet to try any as on me they look extremely orange. I've only tried one from Missha which I 'think' is a korean brand, review here. B.B creams tend to have skin care benefits in them which is why I like them. I've never used any thing from Clarins so I was excited to try this. 
This is a reasonably larger size then standard foundations/tinted moisturisers etc in drugstores which are usually 30-35ml but this is 45ml. 

When I first swatched it I thought the shade would be way to dark for me. I found once I rubbed it in it blends away nicely into a good shade for me, this would be an ideal summer shade. I find if I blend it in really well and top with a lighter powder it looks so natural and brightens up my skin. I find it to be a really nice satin finish which Is my favourite when it comes to foundations etc. 
When I first swatched it I was amazed how it melted into my skin and 'perfected', felt soft and has a very nice smell to it. I later found out that it's the Katafray bark in it that plumps and moisturises and  Clarins 3D radiance pigment which brightens and minimises flaws. 

I do like to use my hands to really blend this in but I also like the RT buffing brush and Sigma F82 if I wear it for the evening for a more flawless finish as this does provide quite a medium coverage. 

I also like that it contains an SPF, I always wear a high spf under my make-up anyway but when using this I can skip that step, handy! 

Overall I really like this and love how light it feels on my skin, have you tried this?

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  1. I have never tried this but I really want to, it sounds absolutely amazing! I swatched it once and thought it would be waaaay to dark which is why I have never tried it, but I might look into it now xx


  2. This sounds really nice, I've been really disappointed with all the BBs I've tried so far but I can't see high-end brands like Clarins and Dior doing bad ones. This one does look seriously dark, so I'm impressed to hear it does actually suit your skintone - sounds pretty versatile.
    Mel x


  3. I've never actually tried a BB cream, as I prefer more coverage but this sounds liek a good one. great review x


  4. I haven't tried this before but I would really like to, I've tried a couple of drugstore BB creams and haven't really got on with them, this one looks like it's worth a try! Great Post xx


  5. I tried this the other day, its amazing isn’t it. Great review x

  6. I got a sample of this in Elle magazine and i've fallen in love with it! it makes my skin look so even! I got the shade medium and thought the same as you 'way too dark' but it does blend in so well and a little goes a long way! thanks for the review i'm definitely going to be buying the full size now X


  7. Great review! I haven't tried too many BB creams yet, but this sounds interesting :)

  8. I'm looking into purchasing this, but I LOVE the new YSL BB Creme - the Dior one is meant to be incredible too!
    Chloe xxxx


  9. Adore your blog (as per!) and now we cannot wait to try the cream! Love x

  10. I keep thinking I should try BB cream, but I have quite patchy skin, so not sure if it would be enough coverage, but maybe as this one is a medium. I ight have to check it out :)

  11. LOVE the review


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  13. I haven't actually tried any BB creams - I don't know why they all seem to good -this sounds great xx

  14. BB creams are pretty decent quality. I used some of them a few months ago, and aside from the tone evenness, it provides a nice moisturizing effect. There are better ones out there however.

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  15. Im not usually one for BB creams but im so tempted to try this for some reason!


    Kerry x

  16. Glad you blogged about this, I've had my eye on this product but never been a fan of BB creams xx


  17. This is a great review. I recently tried the Garnier bb cream and was kind of disappointed. I might have to try this one

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  19. This shade looks very dark for my skin tone but I would love to try it out :D sounds amazing x

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