12 July 2013

I'm Loving - Sinful Colors nail polish in 'Soul Mate'

Sinful Colors 'Soul Mate' - Boot's - £1.99

Sinful Colors are actually an american brand (please bring more american brands over!) which are currently being sold at Boots for only £1.99. I've heard lots of good things from other bloggers about how good they are and as good dupes for some Essie colours. Now days I don't go for the hyped products as when I was a newbie blogger I'd buy things from hype and they would never  work as good for me as reviews. I'm also trying to condense my nail polish collection down and not buy more. When my mum and I saw the stand in Boots It would have been rude to excuse their gorgeous shades. Not that I need anymore pink shades, I picked up... well, a pink; 'Soul Mate' which I can only describe as a vintage rosy almost peachy coral pink. It's such a gorgeous un-usual shade compared to the lights and brights of my collection, I can't stop staring at my nails. 
I personally love fast drying polishes that are opaque after 2 coats and Sinful Colors ticked both boxes. By the time I had finished one hand the next was ready for the next coat. It didn't apply streaky or gloopy, it applied really easily and smooth. I really love this polish and think I'll pick up only a few more shades (um) and would most definitely recommend them!

What shades from Sinful Colors do you love?

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  1. I love this shade, so pretty x


  2. These polishes are great for the price! Lovely colour xx


  3. I've never owned a rose colored polish that shade and I love the look of it! I think I may end up picking that up. I'm actually from the US and there are so many British brands I wish would come over to the states haha.
    Lovely Notions

  4. Gorgeous shade - I am definitely going to look out for these :) x


  5. Beautiful colour! Love it!
    Kerry xo


  6. Lovely colour. Are these nail polishes only being sold in selected Boots?


    thanks x

  7. Oh, wow I just fell in love with your blog! I'm so happy that I found this! I have almost always read only my own country's blogs and stuff so it's pretty excited to see your life in London so I'm totally gonna stay and follow your blogging.

    also If you are interested to see my blog: http://just-open-your-mouth.blogspot.fi/

  8. beauty colour :)


  9. I really really like this colour! I don't think I have anything like it in my nail polish collection x


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