9 August 2013

Brighton part one

I have so many photos from my mini trip to Brighton I wasn't sure whether to post them in sections but I thought I'd post a mixture in two parts. I really enjoyed shopping and walking around Brighton we could have easily stayed another few days as we'd just got the bearings of where we were. Even though we planned and saw most things we wanted, there was lots we missed. Luckily our hotel was right on the seafront so afternoon strolls were lovely by the seafront.

Mum and I had lots of vintage antique fun, being my thrift partner it was a day well spent, lovely. We also found an old photo machine which had a fun prop box, so on went the cowboy hat and had some funny photos printed as reminders. We found a tucked away flea market which was a m a z i n g. We happily browsed, gasped, excitedly picked things up and strolled round like children. I even found a Brownie Kodak camera for only £5, I'm yet to try it out but it's an amazing little camera even so, it was made in the late 30's early 40's and even has two viewfinders for horizontal or vertical photo's.  I need to stop buying cameras though, my old camera obsession is getting too much, I came away with 3 from Brighton including... a Polaroid! yayayay, I've been wanting one for so long, just need to buy some film now!

We also found the cutest little shop which was set-up like a 40's utility store selling old household products and was truly like stepping into your nans local shop or store cupboard, we had a lovely little chat with the shopkeeper who was singing along to the music and showing us some original 70's oxo cups which were still in the postage packaging from the 70's! 

Of course we took a little trip to Choccywoccydoodah which was only a few minutes from our hotel so we were always tempted walking past it to get back to the hotel. We picked up a few goodies, of course it would be rude not too. We also saw a couple of the chocolatiers we recognised from their show by the shop when we were out super early on our last day.

The next part will be full of more seaside fun, the yummiest of diners and more fun. 

Have you popped along to Brighton? What do you like to do while you're there?

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  1. I've never been to Brighton, it looks so pretty though! xx

  2. I want to go to Choccywoccydoodah SO badly, I'm going to have to seek out the London one when I'm there next weekend!

    Sara - Pretty In Pink

  3. Fab photo's, I've always wanted to go to Brighton but never gone! I think i may plan a trip in the next year! xo


  4. Brighton looks like such a cute place! lovely photos x

  5. Sounds like you had a lovely time :) I live really close to Brighton so it never seems that nice to me, but you've made me want to have a little wander there again! ox

  6. I really want to go now! Sounds amazing :)
    Frankie xx

  7. I've never been to Brighton but I really want to go! It looks like such a cute little place :)

    Frances xx


  8. I love the pictures, really enjoying your photo blog styled blog. Please do more its great to see different parts of the world!

    1. thanks so much, i'll try to continue to post some more!

  9. Hi ! would love to have us follow each other :)
    ♥Stacey Nguyen


  10. I've never been but I would love to go one day! Looks like you had a lot of fun :)



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