24 February 2014

Stripes // What I wore

Top - H&M, Shorts* - Brag Vintage, Shoes - Converse, Bag - Primark, Sunglasses - Primark, Scarf - EBay

I originally picked up this striped shirt for Paris next week, I couldn't help but pop it on before though, the sun decided to come out the weekend, and for once it felt a little warmer then usual so here's hoping it gets nicer soon. Just thought I would do an outfit post of my casual Saturday outfit as I wasn't particularly up to much apart from popping out for a few errands and doing coursework. 

Hope to have my regular posting back soon, sorry for being a bit random on the blogging schedule recently guys, I've had alot on so I've been all out of sort's. 
Have a lovely Monday!

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6 February 2014

Make-up for the evening #001

Bobbi Brown corrector in 'Porcelain Bisque' // Vivo Under eye roll on (base for the corrector) // Bobbi Brown Skin foundation in 'Porcelain' // Urban Decay naked palette; 'Sin, Toasted, Hustle, Virgin) // Barry M Liquid eyeliner in 'Black' // Clinique bottom lash mascara // Benefit They're Real mascara // Mac lipstick in 'Please me' used as blusher // Pixie endless silky eye pencil (bottom lash line, smudged out with hustle eye shadow) // Rimmel Apocolips in 'Big Bang'  

It's been a long ol' while since I posted about the make-up I'm wearing on my blog, so voilà and here one is. I popped this lot on when I went out for the evening with friends the other Saturday and as I rarely go all out on the make-up stakes I thought I would take a few photos for this post. 

I have found a new holy grail foundation. Introducing Bobbi Brown, oh you lovely bottle of loveliness. It's replaced my dainty doll foundation (review blog post here) which has un-unexpectedly dis-appeared from online stores, annoyingly. It was the only liquid foundation I had found to match me until this one and the perfect satin finish. 

I went to the Bobbi Brown counter to get shade matched when Christmas shopping, wary because the first ever counter I approached when I was younger was their's and the lady was so rude it put me off any make-up counter all these years later. Any who, I was served by the loveliest lady and had a long chat about the best foundation and I'm so glad I did because I'm in love with it. 
It's so long wearing and just an overall winner on all stakes. To be honest I think it deserves it's own review post, so that will come up soon!

I pretty much decide on and switch-up three different looks when it comes to eye shadows  on special occasions, depending what I feel like on that day. While using two of my favourite palettes, one being in this case, Urban Decays Naked palette.

Of course I finished it all off with some red lips (view my red lipstick favourites post here) and I decided upon my new Apocolips, which turnt out to be a pain with re-applying and coming off onto everything all night, too used to matte and satin lipstick staying put all night! 

I've recently been changing up how I wear my make-up recently on the days I do bother with it and I'm really liking it so I might do a tutorial on my channel and here at one point.

Hope you all have a wonderful day! 

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