7 March 2014

My new favourite skincare item // Argiletz masque d'argile blanche

Available here €2.90 

I'm home from Paris, yay!
What better way to get back then to write a post on one of my favourite french skincare products. 
Introducing my new favourite skincare product at the moment. Argiletz white and pink clay face masks. I randomly picked these up in Paris back in October as a substitute for the Cattier clay I originally intended to purchase. 

I cracked open the blue tube which is the white clay mask first. I'm so in love with this mask. 
I'll admit now, I really do not like face masks in general. I remember as a kid it made you feel grown up and pampered on your girly sleepovers, but I hate the sticky, stiff and hard feeling of them and then the torturous task of trying to get the stuff off of your face, pampered was definitely not the feeling I used to feel after completion. 
With this however, it is the total opposite. 
I apply it on dry skin with my fingers, gently applying it all over my face and down my neck, you could even apply it on your decolletage if you so wish to. 
According to the tube it 'softly cocoons your skin to reveal the beauty of your complexion, leaving your skin looking alive and radiant' and yes, for once what it says on the packaging is correct. 

After the ten minutes is up, I take one of my cellulose sponges which are available from most pharmacys and Superdrug etc, and soak it in luke warm water and take to the task of gently removing the mask. I find taking clay masks off with these type of sponges are much more quicker, easier and importantly, more gentle. It comes off with ease and there was no mess or long time tackling to take it off. 

I continued on with my usual skincare routine after patting my face dry. Applying my Caudalie beauty elixir, Caudalie serum and then my Embryollise moisturiser. 
After drying my face, and also on the next day I noticed how glowing and healthy my skin looked. I couldn't stop staring at it and it was all down to this mask, the glowing claims were right. I also found my skin looked clearer, cleaner and fresher and was velvety soft. 

Argiletz recommend using this once a week, but since I now need to limit my usage as it's much cheaper to buy in France then it is over here I will only use it every other week and switch between the pink and blue tubes. 
I picked up another of each when I went to France Wednesday as it's much cheaper at only 2.90 euro!! craziness as it's such  an amazing, natural product. It only has two ingredients, being kaolin clay and water. I also like that it is suitable and gentle enough for nearly all skin types. I think, Hannah and Amy both bought this and us three all have totally different skin types, so time well tell, to see if it works for us all!  

I managed to even tempt Amy to purchase a tube when us girls went pharmacy shopping Wednesday, as I really do love this product. I also had a lovely chat with one of the pharmacy ladies who served me who asked if it was any good as she had heard a few people mention it. Yes, I may have also managed to sell it to her as well, oh if only I worked on commission for this clay mask people. 

In all honesty, I would recommend anyone to try this mask out if they have the chance too as it's amazing and leaves your skin looking gorgeous and fresh.
I have linked above an Amazon seller, It's a tough one to find a stockist as it's french but definitely worth picking up a few tubes if you ever pop over to Paris (as if we need an excuse to pop over to the wonderful city!) 

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