28 June 2014

How to // long wearing red lipstick

Over time I've discovered the best products I find work best for me and keep that bright red on as long as I require it to. It's been trial and error, like most beauty things! (lets not talk about the time I wore a brand new, really glossy red lip to meet my future boyfriend and his mates, okay) For anyone wanting to hop on the red lips train I thought it would be handy. 

First step: 
Apply that concealer! 

I never used to do this, but I now tend to always do it. I apply a concealer 1-2 shades lighter then my skin tone. Yes, I know I'm pretty much snow white and it's quite impossible to even find a concealer in my own shade, let alone lighter. 
B u t... I may have found a concealer to match me, and even lighter (that isn't pure white either) Graftobians ultra lites palette is a little gold star in make-up, cream concealer/foundation form. It's classed as theatre make-up and available online. I picked mine up at IMATS in June last year.
If you so wish, you can apply the concealer all over your lips to create an even coloured base, and to get a true colour of the lipstick, if you have more pigmented lips. I don't feel the need, so instead just by using a flat concealer brush. I apply and blend out around my lips, and set it with a light dusting of powder. 

The concealer and powder stops the lipstick bleeding and running. It also can make the lips appear slightly bigger and stand out more, giving a nice clean uniform edge to your lips.

 photo 2_zps901e9454.gif  photo sjmwellootnwishwantwear_zps2f205beb.jpg
To keep up with the whole 'lets give my lips a nice clean edge' party, I use a lip liner to line all around my lips. I use MUA's in 'red drama' while for £1, I didn't have any complaints at all. Does the job well, and is silky enough to blend, can't go wrong for £1. Lining and blending in towards the lips- so that if, while casually sipping cocktails or just general chitter chatting, it wears off, you won't look a bit odd with a random, harsh line around your lips. 

Lets just go all out and apply the lipstick. I would use a lip brush, especially when a lipstick is used and blunter then when it's new. And just to carry on this precise stuff, but I couldn't find mine, alas I used it straight from the bullet!
For extra wear you can blot, apply a light dusting of powder and layer another coat of lipstick over, this will really add that wear and long lasting power up, small thin layers are better then one overly applied one!

I did a blog post about my favourite and go to red lipsticks here, the Rimmel Kate Moss one does tend to be the only I always go to first, but I do talk about them individually in the post itself!

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