30 July 2014

What I wore #024 // Polka dot

I know it may seem I say on many outfit posts that 'this is my new favourite dress' but I guess that's a good thing, I never post something that isn't a favourite item on my blog, rather simple. This, however is one of 'those' dresses that quite literally feel like it describes you and everything you want in a dress. 
I practically put this on fresh from getting it delivered through my door, I knew it would be love! 

Dress* - Poppy Lux Sugarhill Boutique, Shoes - Primark, Lipstick - Rimmel Kate Moss 01

I'm still having a little love for pencil dresses and skirts and this is perfect, and even with a little cheeky split thrown in!
I find pencil fitted clothing can often swamp me a little If I don't wear it right, I'm a little short and find some lengths can make me look weird on me at times. This is just a lovely length and my ideal.
I also love the cut out, I have a love/hate realtionship but this is cut just right on the body with a subtle piece of back showing. P l e a s e ignore the fact the zip is a few cm's from the top, I took all these photos and realised just now and it's bugging me, weep!

Love the fact I can wear this dress casually and dress it up in the summer and also in the winter. 
I'm loving Poppy Lux and Sugar Hill boutique right now, I discovered their website and was in love with so many items. New website love. Plus, It must be fate, as while in Brighton I discovered their shop and picked up a few bits, shown in my haul here

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23 July 2014

Brighton travels #002

On our second full day, it was a full blown wandering day. (See part one here) We didn't get the chance to visit and see the Brighton Royal Pavilion on our last trip, we thought it was further then we realised. In-fact It had been a couple of streets away from where we were every day without even knowing! 
We took a few photos and sat enjoying looking at it in the really love evening weather, although we had walked there a little late in the day to go inside, we definitely need to make sure to go inside next time!

We also decided to visit a few more shops we had forgotten the day before, I finally found Beyond Retro, which I hadn't known of last year and intended to go into the London branches so many times and failed. I also had a mini mission to complete on finding Jack a present to bring home, just the bannofee pie flavoured stick of rock (yes, yes there is such a thing people) would not suffice. 

We wandered round exploring the little streets and popped in a few more antique shops. Then topped the evening off by sitting on the beach in the beautiful weather with a Pimms, rather lovely.
We also popped on the Pier and acted like children for a while, we were definitely not the only ones though! 

Hola1 Hola2

It's incredibly tricky trying to fit four days of photo's into two posts but I hope you enjoyed them, see part one here!

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21 July 2014

Mr.Nutcase custom phone case // Review

For anyone like me, who has a little love for switching up their phone case, along with a love for photographs, you may love Mr.Nutcase!
Mr.Nutcase kindly offered me the chance to design my own case. I love having a custom case on my I-Phone, reminding me of some of my favourite moments. Even if I do sometimes find people staring at my phone while I casually tweet as I sit on the train, trying to catch a gaze of my photos and working it out. 

A plus with this brand is the fact they have so many manufacturers to choose from to fit your device.  Varying from Amazon, HTC, Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Motorola and many more. Not only phones however, you can also create a case for your ipad mini or ipod. 

Hola1 Hola2
I always have a tricky time deciding what images to choose on my case, this is definitely not the worse decision to have!  I found the website really easy and simple to navigate and choose. First click on your manufacturer, in my case; Apple. In the next drop down box select your model, and lastly the type of case you want. Mine is called the 'Executive flip leather style' 

You then go on to chose the layout you want your photos to be on, on the case. With so many to choose from, you may be there a while deciding! 
I, as you can see from the photos choose the simple 8 box design but there are alot more. The photo's are not too small either, they are just the perfect size. I was worried it might turn up and have the photo's too small but it's just right! I also worried about whether the photo quality (many of the images I used my slr) would translate well on to the case, but I had nothing to worry about, the images looked amazing quality on the case, and also all the colours were perfect. 

I really like this case, especially the fact it flips over and covers my screen, protecting it while it's in my pocket, handbag, and just in general. It snaps into the plastic holder securely and is definitely not going anywhere. The case is amazing quality with the stitching and being very thick, meaning it will be really durable. Hopefully the photos won't rub off but time will tell, I think this case will really last me a long time! Flip the top over and the magnet snaps the case securely in place!   

Executive flip leather style - £19.95  // Mr.nutcase 

The case is only printed with photos on one side, with the back and side of the case remaining white. I like it like this, it's just enough! 
My case arrived super quick which I think is always a bonus with a company. I really like how good quality this case was, I was really impressed when it came! Mr.Nutcase also have snap on custom cases available for £14.95, which for a custom case I think is quite reasonable compared to other competitors prices. 

I would definitely recommend and use Mr.Nutcase in the future, I was left really happy with my case!

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17 July 2014

Brighton travels #001

I was originally just going to split my photos in to two posts randomly, but instead I thought I would combine the days together along with writing how we spent the day!
Last week I escaped to my favourite place for a couple of days with my mum, I went last year and I actually realised just how much I've changed my life around and how different I am, it's a little crazy, I have a post of last years trip here.

Mum and I hopped on the train down and left our bags at the hotel. First and of course, the most important thing was to go and fill up on yummy food at our favourite place; JB's diner (post to come dedicated solely on that yummy-ness soon) We then chilled on the beach and the Pier, taking a few photos as the sun had set, then the full first day was jam packed of exploring our favourite vintage and antique shops. I will also be creating a post dedicated just to my favourite shops to go to in Brighton, stay tuned! 

We were up bright and early and the sun was definitely shining, it was so so sunny at only 9am, sunshine at the seaside is lovely.
After filling up on breakfast, we walked up towards the lanes to hit the shops, ah!

We had a full blown explore and shopping trip all around the North lanes and the Laines, venturing in every shop possible. Like I said, I'll definitely get to it on writing my shopping guide for Brighton soon, it's an absolute dream for vintage lovers and unusual independent shops, if your like myself!

I find I'm at my happiest when I'm left exploring vintage and antique shops. My mum took the photo above of me without my knowledge, looking through that massive basket of scarves, which shows just how at home I am in that environment. Anyone who personally knows me, knows how 'proper' I am in social situations, oh how amusing to say. But without even realising, I just got to it and sat down and delved through them all, rather happy.
Also, how cool is that top hat? I wanted to bring it home but I'm pretty sure people of Southend would stare at me if I wore it down the high street, how lovely though? and just perfect for a mad hatters tea party!

Hola1 Hola2

After a day of shopping and a quick pit stop for lunch, we then chilled on the beach and decided to catch the last train of the evening on the Volks railway (link here). Opened in 1883, I thought it was quite a cool, and slightly unusual thing to do along with the other popular things in Brighton. It was originally mum's idea to do, but I actually enjoyed going along the seafront without getting my legs in pain. Just as we had paid to hop on, a heavy shower hit, watching everyone pack up and run from the shore was a sight. It only cost £3.60 return, starting at just after the Brighton wheel, down to the half way point, then along to the marina and back. We may have also passed the naturist beach along the way. 
I really like how the images through the window came out below,  like a frame of the seafront! I didn't realise they came out this way until I came home and viewed them on my laptop, pleasant surprise.

If you would like to see what little things I picked up while shopping, I posted a blog post and a video on my youtube channel 

Part two of my Brighton travels, along with the vintage shop's will be up shortly!

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16 July 2014

Brighton clothing haul // Vintage shops, Collectif & Vivienne Westwood

I'm back from a week in my favourite place. Full of sea, vintage antique shops and all my favourite things to pass time.
I had so much fun trawling through vintage and antique delights, and getting lost in tiny little shops full to the ceiling of antiques. I'm so so excited at the fact I bought a pair of my very own Vivienne Westwood Melissas, after admiring the cuteness of them and wanting  a pair for years, I'm so happy to have my own. 

I also got to have a wander in the Collectif store. It's funny because I intended to pop in it that day, I was walking along the street just gazing through windows and all I saw was pencil skirts, polka dots and cute little cardigans in a shop window and thought "this has me written all over it" and muttered to mum I'm just popping in here. I soon realised it was the one shop I was absolutely looking forward to shopping in this week. An hour later, an extra bag to carry and a lighter purse, I exited with a Penny pencil dress. I now know what people mean when they say you know when you fall in love with a dress, I tried it on and instantly felt empowered *really Sam, sh* but I didn't want to take it off, I stood in the changing room for ages! I was so in love I could never of left the shop without it. I also had a chat with the loveliest girl in there who also helped silly me work out it was a halterneck, not in fact an extra 30cm slack of trying to tie it around my neck *oops*

I hope you enjoy seeing what I picked up in my video!
I don't know why I'm so timidly spoken in this one, guess I haven't got back in the swing of talking infront of the camera after my little break away yet!

If you'd like to know my favourite shops to go in while in Brighton, I'll be writing up a guide post soon. However, I have a feeling this one will take me quite a while as I want to perfect it, but stay tuned!

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