17 July 2014

Brighton travels #001

I was originally just going to split my photos in to two posts randomly, but instead I thought I would combine the days together along with writing how we spent the day!
Last week I escaped to my favourite place for a couple of days with my mum, I went last year and I actually realised just how much I've changed my life around and how different I am, it's a little crazy, I have a post of last years trip here.

Mum and I hopped on the train down and left our bags at the hotel. First and of course, the most important thing was to go and fill up on yummy food at our favourite place; JB's diner (post to come dedicated solely on that yummy-ness soon) We then chilled on the beach and the Pier, taking a few photos as the sun had set, then the full first day was jam packed of exploring our favourite vintage and antique shops. I will also be creating a post dedicated just to my favourite shops to go to in Brighton, stay tuned! 

We were up bright and early and the sun was definitely shining, it was so so sunny at only 9am, sunshine at the seaside is lovely.
After filling up on breakfast, we walked up towards the lanes to hit the shops, ah!

We had a full blown explore and shopping trip all around the North lanes and the Laines, venturing in every shop possible. Like I said, I'll definitely get to it on writing my shopping guide for Brighton soon, it's an absolute dream for vintage lovers and unusual independent shops, if your like myself!

I find I'm at my happiest when I'm left exploring vintage and antique shops. My mum took the photo above of me without my knowledge, looking through that massive basket of scarves, which shows just how at home I am in that environment. Anyone who personally knows me, knows how 'proper' I am in social situations, oh how amusing to say. But without even realising, I just got to it and sat down and delved through them all, rather happy.
Also, how cool is that top hat? I wanted to bring it home but I'm pretty sure people of Southend would stare at me if I wore it down the high street, how lovely though? and just perfect for a mad hatters tea party!

Hola1 Hola2

After a day of shopping and a quick pit stop for lunch, we then chilled on the beach and decided to catch the last train of the evening on the Volks railway (link here). Opened in 1883, I thought it was quite a cool, and slightly unusual thing to do along with the other popular things in Brighton. It was originally mum's idea to do, but I actually enjoyed going along the seafront without getting my legs in pain. Just as we had paid to hop on, a heavy shower hit, watching everyone pack up and run from the shore was a sight. It only cost £3.60 return, starting at just after the Brighton wheel, down to the half way point, then along to the marina and back. We may have also passed the naturist beach along the way. 
I really like how the images through the window came out below,  like a frame of the seafront! I didn't realise they came out this way until I came home and viewed them on my laptop, pleasant surprise.

If you would like to see what little things I picked up while shopping, I posted a blog post and a video on my youtube channel 

Part two of my Brighton travels, along with the vintage shop's will be up shortly!

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  1. I'm heading down to Brighton this weekend so this post was really helpful! glad you had a good time xx


  2. Looks like a lovely day!

    Emma x

  3. Gorgeous photos. The mint choc milkshake in JB's is my most favourite thing EVER.

    Sophie x

    1. Thank you Sophie! Ah I've heard that! un-fortunately I didn't get to try any milkshakes (shame on me) but I definitely will next time! xx

  4. These photos are brilliant! I have wanted to go to Brighton for so long and I am hopefully going in a few weeks! It looks amazing xxx


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