23 July 2014

Brighton travels #002

On our second full day, it was a full blown wandering day. (See part one here) We didn't get the chance to visit and see the Brighton Royal Pavilion on our last trip, we thought it was further then we realised. In-fact It had been a couple of streets away from where we were every day without even knowing! 
We took a few photos and sat enjoying looking at it in the really love evening weather, although we had walked there a little late in the day to go inside, we definitely need to make sure to go inside next time!

We also decided to visit a few more shops we had forgotten the day before, I finally found Beyond Retro, which I hadn't known of last year and intended to go into the London branches so many times and failed. I also had a mini mission to complete on finding Jack a present to bring home, just the bannofee pie flavoured stick of rock (yes, yes there is such a thing people) would not suffice. 

We wandered round exploring the little streets and popped in a few more antique shops. Then topped the evening off by sitting on the beach in the beautiful weather with a Pimms, rather lovely.
We also popped on the Pier and acted like children for a while, we were definitely not the only ones though! 

Hola1 Hola2

It's incredibly tricky trying to fit four days of photo's into two posts but I hope you enjoyed them, see part one here!

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  1. So many great images! Literally every time you blog about Brighton I want to go there, it looks like such a cool place!



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