2 July 2014

Heat free curls #001

Over time I've discovered and tried different ways of creating curls without the need for heat. I've always tried to avoid using heat on my hair since secondary school to keep my hair healthy. That, and the fact I'm really not the best at using curlers or straighteners to curl all my locks. I either get arm ache from the amount of hair I have and give up, or they just don't turn out right and drop. 

This method, by using socks literally takes me 5 minutes before bed to do. I also like that I can do it on dry hair and get a curl, my hair takes hours and hours to dry. I'm also a little fussy with comfort when sleeping and can't stand hard annoying curlers, the socks leave space so I can lay down comfortably. 
2 minutes in the morning to take these out and look like you've spent a little time making an effort, your own little quick beauty secret!

I'll be posting more ways I do heat-free curls on here and my youtube over the summer, let me know if you give these a try!

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  1. These really do look as though you've used some sort of heat on them, it's amazing! You have such good quality hair, it's obviously worth ditching the heat!
    New followers. :)
    JS xx


  2. Your hair looks absolutely lovely, the curls look really soft and natural! I'm not a big fan of using heat on my hair either, so I usually just braid my hair the night before but that can look a bit crimped instead of curly. So I'll definitely have to give this method a go!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  3. Definitely going to try this!


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