18 August 2014

Harry Potter Warner Bros tour 001

Last weekend I finally got to visit the Harry Potter Warner Bros tour, and oh my we were excited. We battled through the horrible thunder storm on the motorway and picked up our tickets at the booth. 
The tour works on time slots so it eases congestion inside the tour, and so everyone can fairly browse. 
We left all our bags and what not in the cloakroom, which is free and definitely worth using. It's much easier to go round the tour with just your camera! 

I won't ruin the tour for anyone who is hoping to visit soon in my posts, because exploring it yourself with the little surprises in store is half the fun!

Image 1Image 2

I personally think the set-up of the tour is really well thought up. Upon entering the great hall you have a tour guide who talks a little about the great hall. You have a half decent amount of time in here and you can browse about the long room. We tended to hold back a little until the crowd had filtered through into the next room. Although I did tend to have an old guy with a video camera in my face and walk in front of my photo's, every time I turned round (person square invaded ek) 
The staff then alert you of your time being up and give you a few minutes to get some last photos and carry on, as the next group scheduled are due to enter. 

Image 1Image 2
More magic in part two (sorry for that awful line guys) 
Have you been to Harry Potter tour? 

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  1. Great photo's, I went a couple of weeks after it opened but really want to go back! So magical! xo


  2. SO much fun! I hope I can go one day, it always looks like the best day! You and your bf are so cute too, btw! <3


  3. Is it super lame I get all excited when I look at these photos! I am a super big fan of Harry Potter and still haven't been here! I am dying to go! Love looking at everyone's photos makes me feel like I have entered another world!! <3


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