2 August 2014

The boyfriend tag

2014 has slowly found me showing more personal aspects of my life on  my blog. Travels, days out, college friends and what not. I like seeing the more personal side of bloggers lives aside from their favourite products and seeing what their like! 

Jack is a friend who is a boy, aka my boyfriend. We (okay, maybe me more) thought it would be fun to test how well we/he knows eachother and film the boyfriend tag. He's moving away for University soon weep so thought we'd film it! 

jack1 jack2

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  1. I'm crap at all sports haha and who even needs salad? You guys make a really cute couple! Mind checking out my blog? http://alexandriao.blogspot.ca/

  2. Oh my goodness your accent! I love it! I used to live in Essex, I probably would sound just like you if I'd stayed! :)

    Technicolour Dreamer


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