29 September 2014

Life lately

Hey, remember me!  I apologise for my blogging absence these past few weeks. I did mention about the whirlwind that has become my life recently in my last post, and as predicted, It's been hectic, with a full time schedule!

I thought I would upload a bit of a visual catch up of a few things I've been up to. A lot has actually changed and happened in such a short amount of time, it puts life into full blown perspective.

It started off with the most rubbish week full of train delays, Jack moving away, over-working myself, along with lots of other annoying thing's. Then, to top the week off, I smashed my phone and totally killed it, a mad panic to get it fixed.

The next week continued on, but one much better and positive! University has been at the forefront of everything. Along with my closest friends moving to start their uni journey, it's made me think and evaluate a lot within my own self.  
Initially, the thought of university didn't excite me at all. The sheer mention of it made me shut down and stick my head in the sand. I didn't have a clue about anything, or if it was even for me. 
The more I was forced to research into it for college assignments, the more excited and pictured myself studying more. I found myself inspired and feeling really prepared for it all.

I'm planning to do some university blog posts, for anyone as confused as I was and wanting some tips, along with the steps by steps as I experience them for myself.


9 September 2014

A farewell weekend full of cake

As Jack is officially moving away to Cambridge next week to start his new journey at university, the weekend just gone was our weekend dedicated to squeezing in as much us time as we could, with me going back to classes this week as well, everything in my life is happening at once. 

It happens every September for me. Life throws things at me to test my mental strength and without Jack at my side these past few weeks, I would have been an even more emotional mess. 

For anyone who follows me on twitter, may know. I've had an influx of job interviews recently, and  one straight after running from college the other day, I found out I got it! so my new job starts in a few weeks, i'm back at my old favourite company which I temporarily worked for last year, so happy to go back! 

As I said, It's all happening at once for me. Jack's moving away to study, I'm knuckling down for second year and I'm starting a new job. I also found out I achieved double distinction*'s on my first year, so so happy!
It's a lot to take on with my M.E right now and even though I hide my illness, I'm finding it increasingly hard to manage.  I've not been too well with it all, but I'm trying to squeeze it all in and resting as much as possible (easier said than done) 

Back to our weekend! this is actually part two of our weekend, because all my photos are on film or my phone from the first part. I will try to get it up soon!


3 September 2014

Lace and lace // What I wore

Just a casual outfit from the bank holiday weekend. I've been wearing this cardigan/kimono non-stop last week since I picked it up. It's a nice little throw on and your done cardigan, while also adding a little edge, I love it! 
Paired with my new favourite bag from LYDC, which is just the perfect shoulder bag and size. It's ideal for college coming up soon and I just know i'm going to be using it constantly! 
LYDC are actually my favourite go-to bag company. They are just such good quality for a decent price, I also love how my bags (now have two from them, and growing no doubt!) have always come with a dust bag which keeps it lovely and clean when not in use. They have such a collection on their website, you will no doubt find your perfect bag for any occasion and use, would highly recommend checking them out. Even my mum loves them, and she's a fussy bag lady!


1 September 2014

Sea of red poppies

When the first few poppies were laid I really wanted to make sure I made time to go and see it. 
For anyone who hasn't heard about it, it's to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of WW1 and paying memorial to the fallen soldiers. 
I think I read that there's around 800,000+ poppies, each one representing each soldier. 

It was quite a beautiful sight to see a sea of red poppies spread around the Tower of London, and nice to just stand and admire and think of the brave soldiers who spared their life.  
It was really busy of people taking photo's of course, but plenty of room around the tower to find a gap to fit in!

Once they are taken away in November, each poppy will be sold with the proceeds going to charity. We have pre-registed to *hopefully* be able to buy our very own ceramic poppy! 

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