29 September 2014

Life lately

Hey, remember me!  I apologise for my blogging absence these past few weeks. I did mention about the whirlwind that has become my life recently in my last post, and as predicted, It's been hectic, with a full time schedule!

I thought I would upload a bit of a visual catch up of a few things I've been up to. A lot has actually changed and happened in such a short amount of time, it puts life into full blown perspective.

It started off with the most rubbish week full of train delays, Jack moving away, over-working myself, along with lots of other annoying thing's. Then, to top the week off, I smashed my phone and totally killed it, a mad panic to get it fixed.

The next week continued on, but one much better and positive! University has been at the forefront of everything. Along with my closest friends moving to start their uni journey, it's made me think and evaluate a lot within my own self.  
Initially, the thought of university didn't excite me at all. The sheer mention of it made me shut down and stick my head in the sand. I didn't have a clue about anything, or if it was even for me. 
The more I was forced to research into it for college assignments, the more excited and pictured myself studying more. I found myself inspired and feeling really prepared for it all.

I'm planning to do some university blog posts, for anyone as confused as I was and wanting some tips, along with the steps by steps as I experience them for myself.

I finally booked myself into some open days for universities I had looked into. Left very underwhelmed at one that initially, from research was my first choice, now definitely is not.  Left so un-inspired. A few days later I traveled down to Cambridge for another open day, and tie it in to get to see my favourite guy. A completely overwhelming feeling of seeing your boyfriend in his new house, in a new city, and thinking and evaluating whether it would be a suitable university for me.  I absolutely loved the course and university campus, I actually left feeling really buzzed about the thought of it all and actually being on my dream course. Just little old home bird here is left evaluating.

 I loved Cambridge, it was buzzing. I never knew of how many people cycle everywhere in Cambridge, constant bikes! It had a lovely feel, and my sort of area!

If anyone has experience or recommendation of things in Cambridge, such as accommodation for students, I'd love to know- I'm so stumped on it all!

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  1. i love love love posts like this! you guys look so happy :) i came across your profile in instagram, love your blog x

    sharon @ shasummerwine.

  2. You and your boyfriend are such an adorable couple! Cambridge is a beautiful place. I was never interested in going to university, but I really hope your journey into finding a uni that you are going to love is a fun and exciting time.


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