5 December 2014

Vintage hair style using bendy rollers // brush out

When you are trying to achieve the vintage look, in my opinion the hair completes the look. It gives you that finishing sparkle of the cherry on top. Along with the clothing and make-up, the hair just ties it all up into the perfect package. 
Not everyone loves the old vintage hair look, but I personally love it. 
It's taken me a while and a lot of (mostly failed) experiments to attempt to find a setting routine that my hair works with.  
I've found my ideal routine with bendy rollers and thought I would share it! 
I made a youtube video (here) on how I take and brush out my set after bendy rollers, but silly me didn't think to film me putting them in, I will be doing a video of the full process when I have a spare second. As with everything, I'm still attempting to perfect it and get better at it. 

This is the brush out, as I said my full routine of how I put them in and prep the hair will be up when I have time! for anyone wondering I section the hair in rows so the curls all fall uniformly, so when I brush it out into glamour waves it will mould together (image below) I roll under. If I run out of rollers I tend to chuck a few foam rollers in at the back, I do focus and ensure the curls around my face are the best, so use them first. 


The above photo Is when my hair was down to my chest, bearing in mind my hair is around 2 inches shorter when curled, proves how tight my curls were, this is back when I had my hair cut shorter, which is why it appears a lot more authentic looking. Ladies used to have a lot shorter hair and it really gives a beautiful effect. It does work on my hair now, even when it's a lot longer, but I do prefer the outcome when it's a little shorter. 

In the video, my fringe was still rather short from the fact I was attempting to grow my full fringe out, it was too short to curl, however I now curl it using standing pin curls, which you can see slightly in the above image. I do it in three sections and brush it out gently and mould it around my face to frame it. 

I had a good set on the first image as the curls wanted to fall into almost finger glamour waves, win for me! For extra hold, I held the in part of the finger wave and used a large separating clip and sprayed the life out of it to keep it there.

I love how curling my hair using bendy rollers gives me the perfect vintage hair-do for a special occasion, but then loose but still rather tight, imperfectly, perfect waves the next day! 

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  1. You suit this look so much, like seriously, could you get any sassier?! Have a good weekend lovely!

    H-E // www.hayleyeszti.com

  2. Vintage hairstyles are so beautiful!
    Unfortunately I cant pull this off with my hair but This is a beyond great tutorial!:D
    thanks dear!

    | The girl with the dreamcather tattoo

  3. Your hair looks fantastic!! I tried rollers before but had no luck :(



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