23 October 2015

21 on the 21st

On the 21st, I turned the big old 21! I haven't had a second to spare let alone blog but I really had such a nice Birthday. The day completely flew by and was over in the blink of an eye. At midnight I was surprised with my flat mates decorating out the kitchen in balloons, banners and what not and my amazing cake made by Brad. I spent the day with my lovely parents and Jack, going for lunch and chilling eating cake before going out with my flat mates to celebrate turning 21, even trying out a 'Birthday cake' flavour shot, which was actually really nice. 
I'm slowly now getting into more of a routine of having a little bit of spare time so will hopefully update this little blog again soon!
I obviously couldn't let my little milestone pass without a blog post so included a few photos.
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15 September 2015

I've moved to Cambridge!

The time came, the main moment i've been waiting for, for months; I've moved to Cambridge!
The past 2 weeks have been a blur of busy times. Shopping, packing and just trying to take it all in- that only now have I had time to snuggle up in bed while it rains and type this post.

For the first time i'm completely alone in my new bedroom and It's still a bit odd not popping out to drink tea with dad and watch housewives with mum.
I have my nice cosy room and bathroom to my self which still at the current time feels like I'm in a hotel.

A lot has happened in the last week and it has been a true emotional rollercoaster. Today is my third full day here. The car was full to the brim and plodding along the m11 to drop me at my accommodation. 

I was completely overwhelmed, nervous, excited and pretty tearful the whole day, leaving my amazing parents who are my absolute rock was the worst because they're also my best friends. 

But I also needed to sit back and think about how much this is everything I wanted, this has been the moment I have been waiting for all the time. I spent a whole lot of time here in Cambridge staying with Jack last year, it feels like coming home for me but that doesn't mean the home sickness doesn't kick in. I had my routine back home and I was comfortable. 
I find that un-familiratiy and new people kicks my anxiety and m.e into full gear but keeping busy is a necessity. 

I guess I moved in a little early compared to some Uni's, with freshers starting next week along with my induction days but I'm glad, I've met nearly all my flat mates and I'm 90% organised on the room front.
I just wanted to up-date and include a few images of when I initially moved in on Saturday and just to say i'm here, i'm blogging i've just been a wee bit busy with moving up here and getting settled, but i'll be back on full blogging force soon! 

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13 August 2015

Southend-On-Sea magazine images

The past few months were taken over with pouring my time into the exhibition, I really wanted to share just a few of the images I took for my magazine.

I, as always had ideas in my head as to how I wanted the final images to look and I was so pleased with how they looked within my magazine. 
If you want to see a little peek at the magazine, I posted about it here
The images were taken in Southend-on-sea and of course a huge love to Hannah and Amy for letting me shoot them.

Location:  Southend-on-sea, Essex

11 August 2015

Simplicity // What I wore

Of course it's an lbd from me. Upon clearing out my wardrobe in preparation for University soon, I've discovered I have plenty of the good old staple 'lbd' to choose from. 
Alas, I say that but this one is a new addition from when I went to Birmingham. In-fact everything but my bag are things I got when I went. 

I'm a sucker for a wiggle dress but I love how this is slightly more loose fitting on the lower part but I can still cinch in the waist with a belt. I like that it was easy enough to tweak to make it going out for the evening worthy.
I grabbed this belt for only £1 in this great thrift shop in Birmingham. I couldn't resist being cheesy and wearing it to go and see Jack, Lee being his name. I wore this simple outfit to drive down to Cambridge, yay for having a good ~blogger boyfriend~ to take these for me before we did the ever so glam food shop *inserts a sassy emoji of some kind* 


6 August 2015

Cocoa Brown gentle bronze - My 'fair girl' tan routine

I'm incredibly pale but I absolutely love my pale skin. However with these hot days in summer and more skin being on show, I have found my favourite routine to give my fair skin that little bit extra. 

I particularly like that this doesn't make me look overly 'fake tanned' instead it just gives my fair skin that extra something special with it's glowing loveliness. But it's not a one trick pony, for those who want to look really tan, this also works brilliantly. 

My last attempt at fake tan was 16 year old me using an overnight one in the dark and finding a very dark streaky absolute mess with only the front of my legs tanned the next morning... before p.e at school. Yes, bad experience. I'll admit it now I'm an absolute amateur and the worst at applying fake tan or anything of the type but this is so fool proof, even I've managed to achieve it. 

Kylie Jenner also recently posted she uses this tan on her Instagram, so I had an attempt at it!


4 August 2015

Brighton photo diary

Continuing on our little Summer tradition between my mum and I in the past few years, we went down to Brighton to stay the week. We were there when England had the hottest July on record, sun and beach? yes. Only now have I got around to editing this post!
I'm in the process of putting together my Brighton guide post, it may take some time as there are so many places I love that I want to mention. I'm also going back to Brighton to stay again next week so will get doing that list!

Location: Brighton, Sussex


31 July 2015

London V&A - Alexander McQueen savage beauty

This time last year we booked tickets to go along to the Alexander McQueen savage beauty exhibition being held at the Victoria & Albert museum. I was so so excited to go and actually see up close some of his beautiful creations. It seems like a long old wait but it was oh so worth it. 

Location: V&A museum, Kensington - London


22 July 2015

My very own magazine to print

It's pretty exciting and something I've been working on for many months which is why the blog has been quiet. I've been pouring all creativity, effort and time into this project of mine and I really wanted to share it here. This old blog of mine was created to pour all my crafty diy's etc into when I was bed-bound, to me personally this is a massive hurdle. I've now finished college and i'm off to University in September. 

Behind the name; I named it Pearl as a dedication to my great nan who turned 100 years old this year and someone I absolutely love.

front cover magazinefront cover magazine 2Content

13 May 2015

Striped dress / What I wore

Life and college has taken over! I feel since the super busy Easter spent with Jack and family I've been working on something and having little time to rest, buuuut an outfit post!


22 April 2015


I love this bardot, it was a bargain from good old Primark- I think it was only around £11 or around that price, paired with my trusty go to heels of course. This dress comes in a lovely thick fabric so it is flattering to an extent, it hugs to your shape beautifully so make sure you don't get a size too big. Although saying that, I took these photos after a big lunch so I have a little food baby (we're all human). 


16 April 2015

World, stop!

For my mum's Birthday last week we took a trip  t o her favourite cafe in  Leigh; Stop the world for brunch and it was pretty yummy.  I hadn't been before but mum had sung it's praises, it looked so lovely from photo's  though so i was itching to go. 
Jack and i managed to grab us all a table outside as it was absolutely packed, I think it's a bit of a favourite for locals- Leigh is quite the place to chill and eat/drink. 

I just got loose earl grey, but after trying Jack's very very chocolate milkshake, wish I'd got one of those, it was so good. 


1 April 2015

Casual stripes

More of a casual look from me today! I wore this the other week when I went to Ikea shopping for University goodies. 
Yes, I am shopping for bits and pieces for my kitchen at Uni already and I do not care to admit it. 
I was genuinely excited to go around a pick out bowls, cups, knives and boards like an old lady decorating her own house, oh wells. 

I am absolutely still in a love affair with these pointy heels from Primark that have graced this blog a plenty since I picked them up last year, at around only £10 they are such a steal, l o v e.


30 March 2015

Pin curls brush out

Pin curls were something that have taken me quite a while to get the hang of and still am, really. 
I used to get a bit frazzled with the roll up of the hair but I'm finally getting there. 
If you wanted another vintage inspired hair set, bendy rollers are also great to use. I also have a video here on taking them out. 


16 March 2015

Afternoon tea at The Ritz // Nans 100th Birthday

Last week my nan turned 100 years old, a Century! Of course we as a family didn't want this to go un-celebrated and wanted to do a few extra special things. 

We decided on her actual Birthday to visit The Ritz for afternoon tea, it was absolutely lovely.

I've never been in The Ritz before but the building itself is just beautiful, while waiting to be seated I found myself wandering down the foyer and up the corridor just taking it all in. We sat down and had multiple waiters, choosing tea was a tricky one as there was so so much choice! It was lovely that each of us individually had our very own tea pot of our chosen loose tea.
We then had the trays bought out, little eyes light up of these treats being placed directly infront of us.

One thing I really do appreciate and want to note about visiting The Ritz is how accommodating and just overall delightful the staff were, not only with serving but how helpful they were with helping my Nan get from the car and seated. They also came out with a book signed by the staff as a gift to my Nan, along with a birthday cake bought out with the piano playing Happy Birthday, it was amazing. 

For anyone who has food allergies, I also want to note how amazing they were again. My mum and I had asked for a gluten free version for ours and this is another really big thing that was so good about our afternoon.
The waiter made sure we knew which was gluten free. From odd past experiences of eating sphelt bread, gluten free bread, lots of different types of bread, I have never found one that quite matches up to the good old standard bread. I found the gluten free bread of the sandwiches were actually nice. Gluten free bread used to be pretty bad and cardboard like but it's slowly improving now it's becoming more recognised in supermarkets. I doubt anyone would really notice it was gluten free if in a taste test, it was that nice. Sweet plates were also made up of gluten free treats as well as the scones (huge thank you and props to The Ritz)  


1 March 2015


A post a little delayed, but I'm home and have a second to blog, yay!
For Valentine's evening, Jack and I were un-decided on whether to stay in for pizza, go for a movie, go for a meal or just go for drinks.
I'm not one for massive she-bang of the commercial side of it all, but I of course wanted to do something nice together. 
After a rather cool morning treasure hunt of little things he'd bought me and having eggs and soldiers we chilled during the day.
Annoyingly my m.e decided to work against me and hit on Valentines and I struggled to move, lucky me Jack said we'll have our own Valentines the next day and instead we'll be in pj's and order pizza together instead. Dream guy. 

For our Valentines take two, Jack came up with the idea to dress up, go see fifty shades and then go for a meal and it was up there as one of the loveliest evening we spent together. 

We went to a restaurant with an american feel on Mill Road, it's one of the yummiest and best meals I've had in ages. For someone who hates eating in restaurants, I want to go back so bad. 
Full up of chilli fries, chicken wings (which were so good, we went back for more later in the week) and burgers.

I also la la love the birdcage veil Jack bought me for Valentines. I'd spotted it and left it in a shop when I was previously there for my University interview a month before and he went back for it, swoon.

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