26 January 2015

Instagram what I wore #003

Dress - H&M (in the sale) 

Just a really simple one, but I'm loving this dress. I did pretty rubbish in the boxing day sales this year. Jack got an absolute haul of amazing things, I came home with a perfume gift set, then picked this up in H&M when we went back with his family. It was only £7 and I've actually been meaning to find a simple black pencil dress with long sleeves so was pretty happy to pick this up. 

I actually wore this for New Years as a simple outfit. Jack and I actually decided to stay in together and have a chilled evening so I wanted something comfy but still show my shape. I really like picking up these kind of staple dresses, they are so easy to dress up or down casually, it's so comfy and has lots of little ridged horizontal lines, love.

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14 January 2015

Hyde park

Cycling in Hyde Park is quite literally my idea of a perfect day. Ever since I done it with my mum back for my 18th Birthday (I think). It seems pretty long ago now. 
I'd been mentioning it to Jack way back since Summer. Of course, it being my ideal of a perfect date I wanted to do it with the guy I loved. It couldn't get much more perfect then riding around Hyde Park before heading in to Winter wonderland together. 


9 January 2015

The boyfriend does 'What I wore'


7 January 2015

Victoria sponge recipe

This is my go-to basic cake recipe when I fancy baking or doing something simple. A few people asked me for a recipe so I thought I would post it. It's super easy and basic, for anyone looking for something simple to do. You can adapt it and make it chocolate if you so wish. 

Also, anyone in the Womens Institute look away now. The ~proper Victoria sponge~ does not have butter cream in, but even my Nan, a good ol' W.I veteran would enjoy this, I love the addition of the butter cream which is why I like to add it, all personal preference!


5 January 2015

Instagram what I wore #001

Top - H&M, Skirt & shoes - Primark, Lips - Mac ruby woo 

Happy new year everyone! My first post of 2015! I hope you all had a lovely time. After getting a few invites and being too tired to even move, Jack and I ended up staying in for a quiet night of our favourite shows and food for the evening. 

My spare time is getting incredibly short, right now I'm preparing my portfolio and sketchbooks to take to University interviews, preparing for the interviews and attempting to keep up with current assignments, handle my health and attend class. Feeling slightly like the Christmas donkey carrying the heavy load, I'm determined to keep my little ol' blog on. As I rarely have spare time that matches up with people able to take my outfit photos for me, I thought I would do these little 'Instagram outfits'. Just little outfits I'll quickly take a photo of on my phone. I hope any readers don't mind too much that it isn't my usual quality that i'd like, but I will go back to normal outfit ~photo taking~ when I get this important Uni stuff out the way in the coming months! 

I wore this outfit back when Jack was having leaving drinks for University and  felt like dressing up slightly differently (looking back, this is when my sudden love affair with pencil skirts started!) with only just re-discovering it thought I would post it.
I love it, I felt so empowered and rather lady like strutting round in my little heels, do not judge me! 

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