14 January 2015

Hyde park

Cycling in Hyde Park is quite literally my idea of a perfect day. Ever since I done it with my mum back for my 18th Birthday (I think). It seems pretty long ago now. 
I'd been mentioning it to Jack way back since Summer. Of course, it being my ideal of a perfect date I wanted to do it with the guy I loved. It couldn't get much more perfect then riding around Hyde Park before heading in to Winter wonderland together. 

We hopped on the train to Kensington a few days before Christmas and had a ride around Hyde Park, before Jack had a go at being a squirrel whisperer and attracting a couple of squirrels up close to him, which was pretty sweet. We then ventured into Winter wonderland, which I'd been intending to go to for ages. It was such a nice atmosphere and staying there into dark which is when it got even more busier. I tried a warm cider which actually tasted of apple pie, a very weird thing at first but it was rather nice. I thought the ride prices were pretty steep but we did have quite a bit of fun on a few of them. Did regret the waltzer after getting off however. 

Did you go to Winter wonderland this year? 

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  1. you two look so cute and looks like you guys had a great time :) happy wednesday!


  2. Looks like you had loads of fun! I really want to experience Winter Wonderland at some point, maybe next year as I live pretty far away. x


  3. love this, especially the first picture. such a pretty place for cycling.


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