26 February 2015

Life lately #003 - A University update

I haven't posted an update about my journey to University since October/December, shock a lot has progressed since then. January has been my biggest month and I've had a lot of important things to focus my time on so un-fortunately my wee' blog took a back seat. 
 I'm now back from Cambridge with tiny amount of time to spare and thought I'd finally blog! 

I decided to vlog the interview invite process (below) hoping to carry it on- but I truly wanted to focus on the interview and not have the extra stress of trying to film. 

My first interview was in Cambridge after the New Year and my favourite choice. Luckily I had Jack to chill me out before hand, as for anyone un-aware, he lives and studies there. I drove down with the mother and all strolled down to the University. It actually went really well and it was a lot more chilled and chatty then I had expected. It was nice to discuss and talk through my work and I left feeling really confident that I had shown my potential.
I heard back the next day that they wanted to offer me a place, yay! I then completed my other interviews in Norwich and Epsom. Norwich was the quickest and most laid back out of them all. I was in such a laid back and incredibly good mood, compared to normal states I get in for occasions such as interviews, there were no anxiety attacks or last minute panic, yay. I was in a group of 5 and had to enter and display my portfolio and work how I wished, leave the room and be called back in with another candidate for an interview, yes I was in the room with another person at the same time being interviewed, I didn't initially like the idea but when I started chatting I focused on selling myself and honestly forgot about a stranger being there too.

It's all going very fast, the realisation that I could possibly be in the city I (was) currently typing this post in, living full time next year is odd. Saying that, I really have the excitement for it. I feel ready within my self and age to take the leap of moving out on my own and running my own little house and life. Just living with Jack for a couple of weeks proves I can do it, I know I am capable and at 20, little old me is ready for this exciting journey. 

 I now have to make the biggest decision of confirming my first and insurance choices, so excitingly scary!
*update, the day or two after beginning and having to draft this post, I heard back from my last choice and took the huge leap to edit my firm and insurance choice. I'm now decided on my firm choice of where I'll be attending in September and applied for where I'll be living. How exciting and nerve wracking! 

Hope everyone else applying and going through this has the choices they wanted!

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  1. AAHHHH how exciting. Cambridge, how cool! Go you :)

    Sophie x


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