16 March 2015

Afternoon tea at The Ritz // Nans 100th Birthday

Last week my nan turned 100 years old, a Century! Of course we as a family didn't want this to go un-celebrated and wanted to do a few extra special things. 

We decided on her actual Birthday to visit The Ritz for afternoon tea, it was absolutely lovely.

I've never been in The Ritz before but the building itself is just beautiful, while waiting to be seated I found myself wandering down the foyer and up the corridor just taking it all in. We sat down and had multiple waiters, choosing tea was a tricky one as there was so so much choice! It was lovely that each of us individually had our very own tea pot of our chosen loose tea.
We then had the trays bought out, little eyes light up of these treats being placed directly infront of us.

One thing I really do appreciate and want to note about visiting The Ritz is how accommodating and just overall delightful the staff were, not only with serving but how helpful they were with helping my Nan get from the car and seated. They also came out with a book signed by the staff as a gift to my Nan, along with a birthday cake bought out with the piano playing Happy Birthday, it was amazing. 

For anyone who has food allergies, I also want to note how amazing they were again. My mum and I had asked for a gluten free version for ours and this is another really big thing that was so good about our afternoon.
The waiter made sure we knew which was gluten free. From odd past experiences of eating sphelt bread, gluten free bread, lots of different types of bread, I have never found one that quite matches up to the good old standard bread. I found the gluten free bread of the sandwiches were actually nice. Gluten free bread used to be pretty bad and cardboard like but it's slowly improving now it's becoming more recognised in supermarkets. I doubt anyone would really notice it was gluten free if in a taste test, it was that nice. Sweet plates were also made up of gluten free treats as well as the scones (huge thank you and props to The Ritz)  

The Ritz was just a beautiful afternoon, I never wanted it to end and I'm already looking in my diary so I can go and enjoy it again (21st Birthday, maybe?) 

For anyone thinking of visiting The Ritz for afternoon tea, do it do it do it! It was such an experience, I doubt you would be dis-appointed. 

I think I now have a little afternoon tea bug, I just want to go and enjoy it everywhere. 
I also want to add, the powder room was just beautiful. I want my very own bathroom like that!

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  1. love the pictures, congrats!

    - www.angelaah91.blogspot.nl

  2. Really lovely photos, your nan is amazing!

    Sophie x

  3. aww how wonderful :) Happy birthday Nan! x


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