16 April 2015

World, stop!

For my mum's Birthday last week we took a trip  t o her favourite cafe in  Leigh; Stop the world for brunch and it was pretty yummy.  I hadn't been before but mum had sung it's praises, it looked so lovely from photo's  though so i was itching to go. 
Jack and i managed to grab us all a table outside as it was absolutely packed, I think it's a bit of a favourite for locals- Leigh is quite the place to chill and eat/drink. 

I just got loose earl grey, but after trying Jack's very very chocolate milkshake, wish I'd got one of those, it was so good. 

I took forever to decide what to grab to eat, but eventually I chose the Chick flick, Jack a panini, dad scrambled eggs and mum is absolutely in love with the eggs benedict they serve. I wish we had got a seat inside as I was itching to check out the decor, it looked so lovely when I went in to pay. Upon leaving I spotted their cakes on the stands (sad face) i'm already intending to go back just to grab a slice of one of them, they looked s o  g o o d. 
We then strolled round to grab a gelato, an odd flavour combination of hot cross buns and blueberry was chosen, along with good old lemon. 

After such a lovely stroll in the sun, Jack and i had planned a three course meal to cook for everyone and a Birthday cake to bake! 

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