13 May 2015

Striped dress / What I wore

Life and college has taken over! I feel since the super busy Easter spent with Jack and family I've been working on something and having little time to rest, buuuut an outfit post!

Dress, coat - Primark / Shoes - Topshop

I'm currently a week away from my final hand in of my very last project in college and I don't care about saying just how proud of myself I am. It's taken me 4 years to muster up the strength, mental health, physical health and handle my m.e to attend college, complete college and generally just live my life. It's something I was talking to Jack about the other day, on how far I've come and I think it's so so important as an individual to recognise when you've personally achieved something, even the littlest thing, it's okay to be proud of you.

It's never something I've ever really addressed or mentioned on my blog, but ever since I wrote my first m.e post, I've become more open and the fact i've been messaged and told it helped others, is an amazing feeling. To think a couple of years ago my anxiety prevented me getting a 10 minute train journey on my own, let alone drive the motorway to Cambridge for the first time all on my own multiple times, remain enrolled to now achieve getting accepted into University is crazy! Me and Uni?! never even crossed my mind a year ago. 

A las, apologies for my little odd and pretty long paragraph.
I also wanted to mention how I can't wait to get back into blogging when this work gets handed in. It's obviously taken a back seat. My health hasn't been the best lately, stress etc brings on a whole load of my m.e symptoms so I've mostly been stuck in bed or in college or in Cambridge! 

Hope you're all well, lot'sa love!
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