22 July 2015

My very own magazine to print

It's pretty exciting and something I've been working on for many months which is why the blog has been quiet. I've been pouring all creativity, effort and time into this project of mine and I really wanted to share it here. This old blog of mine was created to pour all my crafty diy's etc into when I was bed-bound, to me personally this is a massive hurdle. I've now finished college and i'm off to University in September. 

Behind the name; I named it Pearl as a dedication to my great nan who turned 100 years old this year and someone I absolutely love.

front cover magazinefront cover magazine 2Content

A-lot of love went into this magazine and I really hope people enjoy it. I wanted to have a selection of things that I personally love within it. I wanted it clean, simplistic and have a focus on photography. 
I will be posting the photography pages up in another post soon, mainly because they may *possibly* be my favourite component of it all and I had to limit down the photos.
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Freshers tips at University
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  1. omg so beautiful <3 nice idea!


  2. Love this! ♥
    You are making me jealous, pretty!


  3. wow thats amazing x



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