31 July 2015

London V&A - Alexander McQueen savage beauty

This time last year we booked tickets to go along to the Alexander McQueen savage beauty exhibition being held at the Victoria & Albert museum. I was so so excited to go and actually see up close some of his beautiful creations. It seems like a long old wait but it was oh so worth it. 

Location: V&A museum, Kensington - London

I was so in awe to see one of my all time favourites of his up close, the decomposing flower dress from the SS 07 collection. I was there the longest, just admiring how beautiful the workman ship is on it. It's a collection I really remember well as 16 year old me so to see it in front of me was a lovely moment.
Within the next room featured the Plato's Atlantis collection, another favourite of mine, lined up along with the famous Armadillo boots, which every time I see them just reminds me of Gaga back in 2010.  

The set-up of the exhibition was so thought out and beautiful executed in a way that it just complimented the designs in a subtle but impacting way. 
It felt like you were took along a journey but not in an obvious and forced way, each room was so thought out that props really do go to the team who put it together. My favourite designed rooms were the sea life inspired one and especially and probably top of the list the square room half way through the exhibition, not 100% sure on the official name of it, but if you went to it you'll know what I mean. This was the best designed room of an exhibition I have ever come across. From floor to ceiling, shelves were beautifully laid out of Lee's collection, to me some of his most iconic pieces. This was the room where you would want to stay in and enjoy for the longest time. You really needed to just sit and take it all in, which the design thought of p.s- thanks for the seats in the middle! it was slightly over whelming of beauty. I left the room feeling desperate of 'what if I missed something' yes, I did go through to leave then went back just for once last overall glance of this beautifully put together room. 

I love how the museum didn't put most items behind glass, I think it makes such a big difference when you can just look up close at the beauty of the design, you can see every little detail without the glass keeping you back. 

After the exhibition of course we had a lovely wander around the museum, the V&A is one of my favourite museums. We then thought we'd have a hop on the underground round to Camden, being the first time going there I found it pretty exciting, after an hour of hunting I found Collective and may have bought a few things in their sample sale (yesss) 

The next exhibition will have to be the 'pleasure and pain shoes' it looks like a must see!
The Savage Beauty exhibition closes in a few days on August 2nd, pre-book tickets are all sold out on the website but you may be able to grab yourself some at the museum. 

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