13 August 2015

Southend-On-Sea magazine images

The past few months were taken over with pouring my time into the exhibition, I really wanted to share just a few of the images I took for my magazine.

I, as always had ideas in my head as to how I wanted the final images to look and I was so pleased with how they looked within my magazine. 
If you want to see a little peek at the magazine, I posted about it here
The images were taken in Southend-on-sea and of course a huge love to Hannah and Amy for letting me shoot them.

Location:  Southend-on-sea, Essex

11 August 2015

Simplicity // What I wore

Of course it's an lbd from me. Upon clearing out my wardrobe in preparation for University soon, I've discovered I have plenty of the good old staple 'lbd' to choose from. 
Alas, I say that but this one is a new addition from when I went to Birmingham. In-fact everything but my bag are things I got when I went. 

I'm a sucker for a wiggle dress but I love how this is slightly more loose fitting on the lower part but I can still cinch in the waist with a belt. I like that it was easy enough to tweak to make it going out for the evening worthy.
I grabbed this belt for only £1 in this great thrift shop in Birmingham. I couldn't resist being cheesy and wearing it to go and see Jack, Lee being his name. I wore this simple outfit to drive down to Cambridge, yay for having a good ~blogger boyfriend~ to take these for me before we did the ever so glam food shop *inserts a sassy emoji of some kind* 


6 August 2015

Cocoa Brown gentle bronze - My 'fair girl' tan routine

I'm incredibly pale but I absolutely love my pale skin. However with these hot days in summer and more skin being on show, I have found my favourite routine to give my fair skin that little bit extra. 

I particularly like that this doesn't make me look overly 'fake tanned' instead it just gives my fair skin that extra something special with it's glowing loveliness. But it's not a one trick pony, for those who want to look really tan, this also works brilliantly. 

My last attempt at fake tan was 16 year old me using an overnight one in the dark and finding a very dark streaky absolute mess with only the front of my legs tanned the next morning... before p.e at school. Yes, bad experience. I'll admit it now I'm an absolute amateur and the worst at applying fake tan or anything of the type but this is so fool proof, even I've managed to achieve it. 

Kylie Jenner also recently posted she uses this tan on her Instagram, so I had an attempt at it!


4 August 2015

Brighton photo diary

Continuing on our little Summer tradition between my mum and I in the past few years, we went down to Brighton to stay the week. We were there when England had the hottest July on record, sun and beach? yes. Only now have I got around to editing this post!
I'm in the process of putting together my Brighton guide post, it may take some time as there are so many places I love that I want to mention. I'm also going back to Brighton to stay again next week so will get doing that list!

Location: Brighton, Sussex

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