23 October 2015

21 on the 21st

On the 21st, I turned the big old 21! I haven't had a second to spare let alone blog but I really had such a nice Birthday. The day completely flew by and was over in the blink of an eye. At midnight I was surprised with my flat mates decorating out the kitchen in balloons, banners and what not and my amazing cake made by Brad. I spent the day with my lovely parents and Jack, going for lunch and chilling eating cake before going out with my flat mates to celebrate turning 21, even trying out a 'Birthday cake' flavour shot, which was actually really nice. 
I'm slowly now getting into more of a routine of having a little bit of spare time so will hopefully update this little blog again soon!
I obviously couldn't let my little milestone pass without a blog post so included a few photos.
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