31 March 2016

Grey midi - what I wore

I'm (still) slightly obsessed with the whole midi body con dress. I just really like how they look and how quick they can be updated from day to an evening out.
This is from Topshop's petite and also comes in their tall section too. I love the thickness of the material, it's a real pet peeve when a tight fitting dress is see through. I also like how the ribbed fabric feels like it's hiding a few sins and moulds, fitting the body nicely. The only thing with that is it slightly hugs too tight to the neckline and can squish up top, but apart from that I love it. I really like Topshop's basic range, it's great for picking up the little wardrobe basic essentials to mix up with other bits. 
I sometimes pair this grey midi up with a kimono or silk long cardigan to tone it down and make it slightly more casual. I've worn this multiple times for nights out and during the day since being at Uni, it's a real gem basic that you can easily glam up with other items, perfect for packing light for a trip. I personally prefer to wear midi dresses with heels because I'm quite short and find it just balances me out when wearing a longer dress. 

Dress - Topshop petit, Shoes, bag - Primark, Bralet- Ann Summers

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29 March 2016

The envy blow dry at home - Review

Envy blow dry set - £40

I've finally discovered a routine to blow dry my hair where it doesn't result in a huge fluffy mess. Previous to this routine, I would just use a GHD heat protectant spray- which to be fair has served my hair well for many years and kept it healthy, but I would be met with big and frizzy hair due to the method I dried it. My hair overall is thick, wavy and has a tendency to get very knotty when wet. 
To fix this solution I used to blow dry my hair using big barrel brushes which help smooth, slightly straighten and just control the hair better. Pairing it with these products from Envy is bliss! 

Dual fix 12 - 200ml, £19.95

To start, I use the Dual fix 12. A mousse that is light and fragrant, smelling slightly of citrus but not overwhelming. For an intensive use this mousse can be used on dry and un-washed hair, I apply a good old dollop generously through the hair. This stuff is full of great benefits in one bottle. Linking to it's name, Envy claims it has 12 key benefits, repairing, hydrating and adding shine to your hair and helping to repair it from previous damage, while strengthening and preventing split ends. Once i've applied it throughout the hair I go over it with my hairdryer quickly, almost working as 'sealing' in all that goodness from the product. For more frequent use, you can use this after shampooing as a treatment, before continuing with conditioner. Once this is all done, I hop in the shower and wash my hair.
Gentle cleansing shampoo and Detangling conditioner - 250ml, £14.95, 

On to the cleansing shampoo and detangling conditioner. I love how all of these products work so well together. I honestly cannot believe how good my hair felt when I had finished blow drying it. I start with double shampooing and really working it in the scalp, like they do in the hairdressers, which I, half the time don't have time to do on a normal work week but when I'm going out for the evening, I'll make the effort to do! I only work the shampoo into the scalp as this is where the oil is produced, I don't want to strip any oil from the lengths of my hair so focus it mainly at the upper part. I then go on to conditioning the hair, I feel this stuff really did help detangling my thick old hair. Like I mentioned, I always have a tendency to be left with knots in my hair after washing but this stuff made my comb go through my hair like butter, my hair was so sleeky and soft, shown in my video. Dare I say it, my hair had that 'glossy, smooth and shiny yeah I just went to the hairdressers' look, which I, as anyone would had doubts I could even achieve at home! I then go on to separate and blow dry with my round GHD brushes, which if you're interested I show within my video below! 
I really love the shampoo and conditioner together, I feel like they work so well for my hair. The shampoo and conditioners are formulated without SLS/SLES and are parabon free, so you can rejuvenate that blow dry and have healthy hair without the nasty stuff. They are packed with keratin amino acids and silk proteins, which help to strengthen and add shine to the hair, which explains why my hair is always left so silky soft and shiny smooth. Something I love to achieve as it just makes your hair look and feel so healthy.

  • All of the products are available to purchase individually and Envy also do a blow drying kit which is what I used above. What products do you love for drying your hair?
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25 March 2016


Back with an outfit post! I can't believe I've taken such a break from my blog, but University and life has taken over. I've not had the best luck with my m.e and health recently, along with finding somewhere to live for second year, going about normal life and attending University, i've been a busy little bee and I needed to just sort things out. It's literally been months since I've taken photos for a blog post, it felt so weird but I'm trying to get back in the swing of blogging! I'm keeping myself focused on my work for my final hand in so the little old blog has taken a backseat annoyingly. Alas, I picked up this little piece of sequinned sparkle on the boxing day sale Pretty little thing had, I thought it was really un-usual and quite liked it and I really wanted to share this pretty little thing (oh dear Sam) on the blog.

I naturally go for more midi dresses now days and love this little take on it. The photo's don't show just how sparkly and how much this dress catches the light on every turn but it's so pretty. I can't wait to wear this for a special night out, it's so sparkly! 

Dress - Pretty little thing,  Shoes - New Look

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21 February 2016

The little black dress - What I wore


I picked up this dress before Christmas with the idea of it being my Christmas or New years party dress. It's not my usual dress style, I went for something slightly different- I tend to go for the midi and fitted dresses when ever I go out, this felt quite out there and short for me!I love the lace and textured detail of this dress, I wish Topshop did this in a midi style, I'd absolutely love it. I wore it when I was back home from Uni and didn't think to bring back any heels except some boots but this pair were a staple basic I found. 

Dress - Topshop (available here),  Shoes - New Look (available here)

I love the textured detail of this dress, it's like a slight twist to a classic little black dress, especially the neckline with the skin peeking through, which breaks it up a little. 

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10 February 2016

Ann Summers 'Willa' bra

When AS released images of the Willa bra on their Instagram, I knew I had to have a little look. It looked so pretty. I'm a big lover of anything black lace or crochet when it comes to lingerie and this little bra let ticks the boxes.

The bra does not have the traditional clips on the back, but instead just a little bra hook to attach it together. It literally is just a one elastic type strap across the back, which for some may feel slightly un-comfortable if used to a wide band, I didn't find it that noticeable after initially putting it on! 
You can tell from the images, the front is long, mainly because if you so wish, this pretty bra can be worn as outerwear, which for anyone wondering- looks absolutely amazing peeking out of a shirt. I'm not quite so daring with the bearing but i've seen girls rocking the look on IG and they look amazing doing it. I did, however ease myself in to showing it a little in an outfit post just peeking out a little over the top of my Topshop midi dress (below). 

Willa bra, £16 - Ann Summers - link
This would look amazing on any size woman. The way the lace shows flashes and peeps of your skin peeking through just compliments nicely and makes you feel a little bit special. 
I would say though for comfort, it's probably best to go up a size, mainly for comfort and better fit. I found even with myself, who doesn't have the most up there- it became a little annoying with parts peeking through the larger gaps of the lace when I tried on the small. Because of the elastic support band, it slightly flattens your chest in, upping a size reduces this and makes it fit better in my opinion. I'd definitely recommend going in store to try on a few sizes. 
Apart from that though, it's a lovely bra let.  Ann Summers also do a corset version of this, which looks amazing! along with a chemise. 

At a bargain price of £16, i think it makes you feel and look like you paid a lot more than that. It's slightly naughty with the peeping of skin but it still actually covers a lot  It's such a pretty and un-usual bra that you wouldn't usually find on the highstreet and at a hughstreet price. 
Throw on your student discount on top or grab it in the sale and it's a steal. 
The Willa bra is also available in red, as a set and also as a corset! 

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20 January 2016

Brighton on film

Well, I wouldn't be me if I didn't have a film camera on me on a day out c'mon now! I'm discovering all my old films and I finally got these back from being developed, thought i'd pop these on the blog. I have my other Brighton posts already up from previous visits, check them out 

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18 January 2016

Birmingham beauty haul

Of course I did a spot of shopping when I took a trip to Birmingham, and thought I'd do a post of a few treats I picked up. 
I jumped on a really early train (p.s thanks Virgin trains for having the rare thing of soya milk for my morning cuppa) from London and had arrived in Birmingham before shops had even opened, which gave me a chance to grab a cup of tea. I was pretty excited to go and have a browse around the Selfridges, as I rarely go in the London branch. I was also quite excited to go in a Makeup forever shop, i've never used anything from mufe, It tends to be sold online but I like to swatch most things before spending! I picked up a mufe mascara but didn't find it all that amazing compared to others I've tried. 

I had a look at the Nars counter within Selfridges as I wanted to pick up sheer glow forever, even though the lady colour matched me to I think the third colour they do(?????) not sure how she managed that, I went for the lightest shade Nars have. The lightest I still find is slightly too dark for my really fair skin, I lighten it up with other products. I will probably do a further review post on these products!

Nars sheer glow foundation, Nars creamy concealer, Charlotte Tilbury 'Uptown girl' palette, Primark lip liner
I was also very very excited to see a VS store. I've never seen one so I was like a kid in a sweet shop going round, I spent hours in the store the day before I travelled back and spent way too much. I also picked up a set and a bra but didn't include them here. The perfumes are lovely and just the perfect light spray. I love that Victoria Secret do little versions of these so you can throw them in your bag or make-up bag on the go. Speaking of make-up bags, I could not pass this gorgeous rose gold and pink one up. It's the perfect size to fit everything and love that it's wipeable. It's so pretty. I'm rather happy because VS have recently opened up a shop where I live and are opening up one where I live at University (yes!!)
I couldn't pass the Charlotte Tilbury counter, I'd been meaning to pick up at-least one thing up from her gorgeous range and this eyeshadow quad is just gorgeous. I love using this, the shadows are just beautiful. It feels like such a treat to use it. The dark brown reminds me of Macs LE moth brown which I have, but not as purple when it's swatched. This little square of loveliness deserves it's own post in the future.

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16 January 2016

Trip to Birmingham

I was up and awake at 5am to travel from London Euston to Birmingham. It was only a quick trip only staying one night, but I fell in love with Birmingham. I'm already thinking about when I can slip in another visit. 

People say Birmingham is great for shopping, and they did not lie- mum and I did a lot of shopping. 
We stayed right in the centre only a minute walk from the Bullring shopping centre. 
After getting off of the train we took a short walk trying to find our bearings and stumbled on the bullring, rather excited at just how many shops I had in-front of us- after breakfast we tackled them (haul post up soon!)

Location: Birmingham
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