10 February 2016

Ann Summers 'Willa' bra

When AS released images of the Willa bra on their Instagram, I knew I had to have a little look. It looked so pretty. I'm a big lover of anything black lace or crochet when it comes to lingerie and this little bra let ticks the boxes.

The bra does not have the traditional clips on the back, but instead just a little bra hook to attach it together. It literally is just a one elastic type strap across the back, which for some may feel slightly un-comfortable if used to a wide band, I didn't find it that noticeable after initially putting it on! 
You can tell from the images, the front is long, mainly because if you so wish, this pretty bra can be worn as outerwear, which for anyone wondering- looks absolutely amazing peeking out of a shirt. I'm not quite so daring with the bearing but i've seen girls rocking the look on IG and they look amazing doing it. I did, however ease myself in to showing it a little in an outfit post just peeking out a little over the top of my Topshop midi dress (below). 

Willa bra, £16 - Ann Summers - link
This would look amazing on any size woman. The way the lace shows flashes and peeps of your skin peeking through just compliments nicely and makes you feel a little bit special. 
I would say though for comfort, it's probably best to go up a size, mainly for comfort and better fit. I found even with myself, who doesn't have the most up there- it became a little annoying with parts peeking through the larger gaps of the lace when I tried on the small. Because of the elastic support band, it slightly flattens your chest in, upping a size reduces this and makes it fit better in my opinion. I'd definitely recommend going in store to try on a few sizes. 
Apart from that though, it's a lovely bra let.  Ann Summers also do a corset version of this, which looks amazing! along with a chemise. 

At a bargain price of £16, i think it makes you feel and look like you paid a lot more than that. It's slightly naughty with the peeping of skin but it still actually covers a lot  It's such a pretty and un-usual bra that you wouldn't usually find on the highstreet and at a hughstreet price. 
Throw on your student discount on top or grab it in the sale and it's a steal. 
The Willa bra is also available in red, as a set and also as a corset! 

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